The hit blockchain trading card game, already proven to be one of the most rewarding games in the world, has just amplified its already impressive systems of player-owned value. Today, Splinterlands launched a new governance token called Splintershards (SPS) that will add multiple new layers of rewards and value to the game’s ecosystem and player base.

The Airdrop

The Splintershards airdrop that begins on Tuesday, July 27th is one of the most eagerly anticipated updates in the 3-year history of Splinterlands. Instead of referencing a single snapshot for airdrop info, Splinterlands co-Founder and CTO Matthew Rosen have developed an impressively thorough system that offers all Splinterlands players and collectors daily token airdrops for a whole year.

Each day at around noon EST (16:00 UTC), a snapshot will be taken of every asset in every player’s Splinterlands collection. Based on the size of their collection, each player will receive airdrop points that represent their share in the daily distribution of SPS tokens. These tokens will be automatically held in the players’ Splinterlands accounts until they are claimed and withdrawn to a Binance Smart Chain Wallet. 13.33% of the total supply of SPS tokens will be distributed in this way over 365 days.

For full airdrop details, visit THIS PAGE.


One of the most revolutionary aspects of the new governance token is the stalking system that will be introduced in the months following the token’s initial release. Players will immediately be able to stake their SPS tokens, locking them in place and requiring a short unstaking period to make them available for withdrawal.

When tokens are staked, players will have special access to offers and promotions, tournaments, additional rewards, and more. There will even be a system with which players can back specific players with their staked tokens, allowing both the one staking and the one being staked on additional SPS rewards from all battles in Splinterlands. 

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The SPS token will initially be traded on PancakeSwap, the decentralized exchange built on Binance Smart Chain, with a pairing of BNB/SPS. Initial liquidity will be provided by Splinterlands, but as players begin receiving the tokens, they will be rewarded with additional SPS tokens for providing liquidity to this pool.

Additionally, SPS will be listed on, where exchange pairings will first include USDT-SPS and ETH-SPS.

Future exchange listings are TBD.

Player Governance

Splintershards is at its heart a governance token, designed to allow players greater power and control over the game’s future than ever before. A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is being built on Binance Smart Chain. There, holders of SPS will be able to submit and vote on proposals for Splinterlands, making important decisions about the game’s development and future.

The DAO is also a foundation that will be funded with a substantial share of the SPS token supply. Ultimately, 10% of the total supply of SPS tokens will be given to the Splinterlands DAO, and the allocation of these funds will be entirely up to the stakeholders.

For more information about in-game governance visit THIS PAGE.

For more information about token distribution, visit THIS PAGE.

Other Splinterlands News

In addition to the governance token launch, Splinterlands has also recently implemented an on-site system of card rentals that significantly lowers the price barrier to new players who wish to begin playing to earn.

Once players have purchased the $10 Summoner Spellbook upgrade to unlock rewards for life, they can now rent cards on a daily basis, allowing them to rise in the Leagues and earn rewards. Many of these cards can be rented for fractions of pennies each day, giving skilled players a chance to easily earn without spending. Players with large or valuable collections can also lend out their cards for passive income using this system.

For more information on the rental system, visit THIS POST.

Splinterlands is also working toward their highly anticipated Land Expansion, which will launch in-game toward the end of 2021 or early 2022. This expansion will allow players to use owned NFT land to create their own Item and Spell NFTs that will be usable in a future format of the existing card game. Splinterlands will not sell these Items and Spells, so their markets will be built and taken advantage of exclusively by the players and owners of the land.

Keep an eye on Splinterlands as they continue to make 2021 a year of record-breaking growth and success.