On November 16, Binance NFT announced the integration of OpenSea NFTs into its marketplace, allowing users to explore non-fungible tokens from other marketplaces and blockchains.


During the first stage of the upgrading, ERC-721 assets from the first 200 OpenSea collections will be introduced in the Binance NFT marketplace. Binance intends to integrate more non-fungible token exchanges and blockchains with its NFT marketplace in the future. Binance NFT’s website provides users with a glimpse of the digital collectibles available on the platform.

NFT traders on Binance to reap rewards

Users that trade NFTs on Binance’s marketplace will receive a number of benefits. These include one-stop access to the NFTs listed on Binance NFT, whether via Ethereum or Binance BNB Smartchain. Similarly, consumers can use OpenSea NFTs via Binance NFT trading platform, which charges a minimal network fee for cross-marketplace transactions.

This is a new dawn for the NFT community as the Binance executives dubbed the development a thrilling milestone from now on. As a result, it will continue to develop a user-centric and inclusive NFT trading platform for the whole NFT community.

Following the change, OpenSea leaderboard data will be uploaded to the market’s statistics page. Additionally, enhanced UI/UX versions will be incorporated into the platform. For example, they will be shown on the homepage, search filter, marketplace main menu, and NFT asset page.

In addition to the above mentioning, the check-out process for NFT deposits will be streamlined. Binance aims to continue enhancing users’ NFT experiences by releasing new and innovative features.