We are proud to be a sponsor for DYGYCON because it is an amazing event in which people can communicate with each other to improve their knowledge about the NFT world and blockchain technology. Now, we would like to inform you about DYGYCON 9!

What is DYGYCON?

DYGYCON is a blockchain event that occurs frequently on Gamerjibe Metaverse which is a next-gen events platform.

The event is created by the creators of Splinterlands which is a hit blockchain-backed trading card game. People can expand their network and teach & learn the necessary information about the NFT world, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies to other individuals, so DYGYCON is a helpful virtual event for beginners in the virtual world!

Since November 2022, DYGYCON happens every two months, and individuals get the chance of getting life-changing connections with the assistance of the event!

DYGYCON 9 will open on 27 May 2022, and it will last until 29 May 2022. Also, the live stream of DYGYCON at 2 PM – 5 PM EST on May 28, 2022.

What awaits you at DYGYCON 9?

Firstly, you will encounter fun quests, games, and activities at DYGYCON 9. In addition, you can explore and interact with other people in the virtual environment! Let’s examine the activities that can be done at DYGYCON 9 together:

 -Your avatar can walk, run, and jump with the usage of WASD keys.

-You can shake hands, poke, and give accessories.

-Bonfires & marshmallow roasting

-Large stage with dance floor and DJ booth

-Concession stands, coolers, and BBQ grills

-Sponsor booths & SWAG booth

-Presentation rooms & Community lounge

-Photo booth / Red carpet area for selfies

-Chat tables & bean bag lounge circles

-Various events by the community on the schedule

-Livestream view overlay while you explore

-Public & private chat with the help of text, voice, video, and screen share

-NFT Auction House: Everyone can sign up to list their NFTs. You can find the auction house from the Welcome Room or with the help of the usage of the Teleport button.

-Achievement Badges: You can get the chance of obtaining some NFT achievement badges from DYGYCON for screenshots of:

*Biggest Fish

*Highest Guest

*Star Collector

*Best Dance Moves

You should follow the below pattern to get the chance;

1. Take a screenshot

2. Use the correct hashtag and tags

3. Provide your HIVE wallet

4. Post to Twitter

-Scavenger Hunt which is a new activity providing individuals with the chance of earning additional prizes was introduced at DYGYCON 5. The amazing activity will be encountered at DYGYCON 9 again!

DYGYCON 9 will help you to reach significant information about the NFT world and meet NFT-based projects, so you should not miss the event!

Website: https://dygycon.wordpress.com/

Additional Website: https://app.gamerjibe.com/events/62463d4f9811e52e3b773fe5

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dygycon