The MetaMask Grants DAO has been created by ConsenSys, a leading Ethereum Blockchain software provider. It is an innovative and employee-run initiative that awards scholarships to outside developers everywhere and develops memorable experiences for the MetaMask ecosystem.

MetaMask Grants to fund high-value development project

Metamask Grants DAO, according to its official website, is an employee-led DAO. The purpose of this award was to use the program to fund high-value development projects within the MetaMask ecosystem. It offers assistance to developers from all corners of the community so they may add to the MetaMask ecosystem.

Grants DAO has a budget of $600,000 per quarter to fund meaningful projects. It uses a secure wallet owned by ConsenSys that will manage the treasury, distribution of funds, and burning of tokens as employees join or leave the company.   

According to Dan Finley, the co-founder of MetaMask, “Of course, MetaMask aspired to be a DAO when we originally started, but didn’t have a wallet to construct a DAO yet.”

Additionally, Mr. Finlay stated in the Twitter thread that “Many things can be achieved by charging fees or adding tokens, but many public goods are greatest when they do not demand any payments from users but have significant profits.” influence to provide. He is therefore especially keen to locate and provide for them.

He continued by saying that during his more than six years of expertise, he has seen numerous infrastructure projects go through ongoing difficulty.
In a recent interview, Taylor Monahan, global product lead at MetaMask, emphasized the importance of decentralized development, saying β€˜β€™It will accelerate growth not only for cryptocurrency-casual consumers, but it will also aid folks who are crypto-curious.”.