NounsDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) based on compound governance, has endorsed a proposal to fund an animated movie featuring its popular NFT characters. 

The Details of NounsDAO’s Animated Film

Titled Nouns: A Movie, the full-length motion picture will be developed into multiple stories, and the budget for the project is $125,000. 

The DAO partnered with Atrium, a network of independent Web3 artists and creators, to create the animated film. The film will introduce Nouns to the world through its episodic content that, pieced together, forms the first feature-length NFT-based cinematic content.

Atrium artists William Yu, HKJay, Zen Doubt, 3DPrint Guy, and Meta Ent will collaborate to assist in writing, producing, and animating the film. NounsDAO can vote to enlarge the film’s initial budget following the release of the pilot in 90 days. Also, NounDAO members with at least one Noun can post their ideas about the film and its future.

The animated movie is one of many creative efforts the NounsDAO community has recently funded to expand its influence. Last month, the organization approved a comic book series with the help of publisher Titan Comics and NFT community ComicsDAO. In addition, NounsDAO has teamed up with OnCyber and Vayner Sports Pass to release its second ArtBall NFT collection in December.

Atrium’s 3DPrintGuy had made a short film funded by an earlier NounsDAO proposal, and afterward, collectible NFTs featuring all the main characters from the short were released.

Nouns by NounsDAO
NounsDAO’s Characters: Nouns

About NounsDAO

NounsDAO is the main governing body of Nouns, a set of 10,000 unique 8-bit characters created by artist Trevor McFedries. Each noun is an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain, making them scarce and collectible. 

The daily Noun auctions generate revenue that is directed toward the NounsDAO treasury. The pool of funds can finance proposed creative projects, such as the upcoming animated movie.