Story of MafiaVerse

MafiaVerse is a skill-based strategy and social deduction play-to-earn game on the WAX Blockchain. There can be a familiarity with the classic social game “Mafia” or “Werewolf” where players have to decide who’s on their side and who’s working against them. The team of MafiaVerse chose this idea because they want to implement this social game system to the blockchain and provide the same experience with profit for the good “detectives”.

Currently Active Utilities

Gangster: One of two essentials to the game – they will get the main work done for players.

Don’s Letter: A pass to the MafiaVerse World; without it, no one will hire players’ Gangsters to make his deals.

Upcoming Utilities

Characters Cards:

Snitch — This card will give players access to a “gather deals info”.

Smuggler — This card will speed up the time when players can take deals.

Caporegime — This card will boost gangsters’ spirit and can gather them in groups.

Consigliere — This card will take care of players’ finances and will apply a salary decrease.

Mafia Don — This is the leader of the family which will provide a great boost to all synergy.

District Cards:

Slum — It has a fighting pit, where, if players obtain a Caporegime, they can participate in underground fights.

Residential area — It has a hippodrome, where if players obtain a Smuggler, they can participate in horse rides.

Affluent area — It has a casino, where if players obtain a Consigliere, they can participate in different games.

Municipality — It is the main object of each town, where if players obtain a Snitch, they can cover their mafia business from fines and keep the police eyes closed for their Don’s business.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

The ways to obtain tokens in the MafiaVerse: Passive stacking, closing gangster deals, taking part in smuggling, underground fights, hippodrome and casino management, and being a head of the district.

The methods of spending tokens: Hiring gangsters, paying salaries, giving bribes, repairing and upgrading devices, paying for protection of the district, and PvP access.

Burning scenarios: Each mobster has a chance to go to jail and even get shot in a fight or on a deal. With higher rarities, this chance decreases, and players will have the ability to control these chances with special accessories later.

Here is the structure of resource distribution of MafiaVerse:

Upcoming Sale

The upcoming sale of MafiaVerse called ‘Don’s Letter and Gangster NFTs Sale’ will be held on November 4 at 17.00 UTC.

Upcoming WL sale:

*For verified discord users: 5$ for WL

*Public sale: 10$ for WL

Upcoming main pack sale:

Case: 5 cards in the pack, supply 500, 2 packs per account, 10$ in WAX

Extended case: 10 cards in the pack, supply 250, 1 pack per account, 25$ in WAX

Most wanted case: rarities from rare and higher, 15 cards in the pack, supply according to WL holders, 1 pack per account, 65$ in WAX

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

The whitelist sale will be held in the second week of November. To obtain whitelist, people need to complete one of these requirements:

1st wave: Hold a Gangster (any rarity) and Don’s letter NFTs

2nd wave: Have a Consigliere role on a Discord server

2nd wave: Obtain a Smuggler role by leveling up on a Discord server

3rd wave: Link wallet in a Discord server and obtain a Gangster role

On the main sale, 1st wave with premium packs goes to the whitelist holders, other waves stay the same.

Team Details

Vladimir Vylegzhanin – The CEO of MafiaVerse and the author of the MafiaVerse game idea. He has 4 years on the blockchain and participated in many projects as a player. Also, he is a big fan of the original Mafia game.

Alisa Korneva – The main artist of the project.

Ilya Dev – The author of the base smart contract, and he has 11 years of IT experience. Moreover, he is a blockchain programmer for 5 years.