DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization, and it is an important notion in the community of cryptocurrency. Hence, cryptocurrency investors, beginners in the field, and other individuals should know the details of DAO. Now, it is time to think about DAO!

DAO can be introduced as a constitution that is managed by its community without a central authority. These organizations encode the basic rules of the organization, and the codes work under normal conditions. With the system, the extra cost due to the process control is reduced and manpower is eliminated.

In these fully autonomous and transparent entities, their community members decide on the critical circumstances of the project, like allocations and upgrades.

The Working Mechanism of DAOs

As we mentioned above, a DAO encodes the rules of the organization, and then, these codes start to work. The rules of a DAO are decided by the core people of the organization, and the rules are presented by utilizing smart contracts. The contracts show the DAO’s operating foundational framework, and they are visible, verifiable, and publicly auditable. Thanks to the properties of the smart contracts, every member of a DAO can understand and think about the steps of the protocol.

After the writing of the rules of a DAO on a blockchain, funding is considered. In other words, the question that is ‘’How does the DAO reach enough funding?’’ should be answered. Generally, the funding is reached by token issuance that is selling tokens and filling the DAOs treasure.

After the funding process, token holders are offered specific voting rights according to their holdings. If the funding process is completed, the DAO is ready for deployment.

We mentioned that DAOs embark on decentralization, so specific authorities cannot change the rules of DAOs. In other words, the rules can be arranged by the community with the help of voting.

Benefits of DAOs

In general, DAOs provide individuals with the chance of sharing their money with others from any location in the world. The sharing can be about a donation, investment, debt, and so on without an intermediary. What about other benefits of DAOs? Let’s answer the question together!

Community Participation

As we mentioned above, DAOs can connect people from all over the world, and the circumstance shows community participation. With community participation, different individuals can work on productive goals together. Furthermore, people can deal with amazing projects and contribute to them with the help of DAOs. In addition to these, the members of DAOs have specific privileges, like voting for the rules of the organizations, for arranging the future. The sense of ownership of DAOs supports community participation, so the community members can improve themselves in the field and reach financial rewards.


Centralization and decentralization are very important notions because they are encountered in almost every field. For example, we can encounter decentralization in some countries’ education systems while other countries adopt centralization for their education systems. Like in the field of education, these notions are welcomed us in the economy. As you can understand from the long version of DAO, the system focuses on decentralization, and the situation is an advantage. Decentralization requires every person in the decision-making process, and DAOs offer the chance of voting for their rules to their community members. The situation increases the active participation in the community, and communication accelerates with the help of decentralization. Also, decentralization breaks down the hierarchy pattern brought by centralization, enabling every person to have a say in the future. By the logic, DAOs support every person in the field and make the community members happy.

Active Stake in Games

For being a voter in a DAO, a human being should be a token holder of the organization. Then, s/he gets the chance of voting in the organization. Also, burning or spending the token is necessary for reaching the voting rights in a DAO, so the circumstance increases the active stake. The voting system of DAOs is significant because individuals can change the future of the organizations with the voting system.

How to Participate in a DAO?

If you would like to be a member of a DAO, you should firstly buy the DAO’s cryptocurrency. If you be a holder of the cryptocurrency, you can get the chance of voting for the future of the DAO and reach other special situations.

When the funding process of a DAO is finished, you will be able to submit proposals, vote on proposals, and perhaps even profit. The amount of tokens of the DAO you buy will be proportional to the voting power you will have in the DAO.


In summary, DAOs support decentralization and consider the community members’ beliefs, values, and thoughts. Hence, we can say that DAOs are community-friendly entities. If you want to be a participant in a DAO, you can conduct research on the examples of DAOs, and then, take the necessary steps!