Imagine a world where beauty is not limited by outward appearance or genetic makeup… A world where beauty is defined only through the lens of one’s creativity. That’s what NYX Professional’s GORJS is all about!

Partnering with Opensea,The Sandbox, Polygon, QuestN, Infinite Objects, Hologram and Rory Rockmore jewelry, the makeup brand is releasing GORJS’ genesis NFT collection. 

Dubbed the Dream Vortex, this NFT makeup collection consisting of 4150 NFTs is pushing the boundaries associated with beauty.

This comes after NYX sold out the FKWME Access Pass which allows holders early access into GORJS NFT projects.

Despite having its headquarters in Los Angeles, NYX Professional Makeup has established its presence in more than 70 countries (including beauty and fashion stores). It is one of the top beauty brands on the metaverse with the objective of changing how customers interface with its products.

About GORJS’ Dream Vortex Collection 

The Dream Vortex Collection is created by 9 brilliant NFT artists. They are from Team Alpha and have a large following on the Web2 and Web3 platforms.

Members who have acquired GORJS NFT badges will be given minting priority in the first phase. The allowlist and waitlist members are for the second and third phases respectively while the fourth phase is reserved for general sale on OpenSea.

You have to burn the GORJS Dream Vortex to obtain an operating GORJS Avatar. Each GORJS avatar can be used to create a digital identity, and each avatar includes a collection of tools that let you create different digital versions. 

The collection’s ability to pull you into its dream makes it alluring. You get to burn your GORJS Dream Vortex for the GORJS Avatar 24 hours after minting it on April 27 and then awaken to a new dimension.

NYX releases Dream Vortex.

About GORJS by NYX

GORJS is a premier beauty creator DAO hosting a community of beauty makers, 3D artists, and Web3 creators to revolutionize beauty for the future. 

The GORJS DAO defines beauty in the metaverse and provides a platform for 3D creators to steer cultural discourse. With decentralized governance, GORJS aims to empower the DAO with their ideas, their work, and votes.