Givenchy and Bstroy have come together to launch their most recent fashion collection as phygital NFTs. Phygital NFTs are physical items that have an NFT counterpart on the blockchain. They go hand-in-hand, meaning that the ownership of any physical item in their recent collection can be verified on the blockchain. They have partnered with Felt Zine to reimagine their exclusive spring 2023 capsule collection as phygital NFTs. How cool is that?

About Bstroy

Bstroy is a disruptive streetwear brand that positions itself as an ultra-modern fashion brand: A necessity we would need to stay on top of the inevitable changes the future will bring. They do not refer to themselves as a trend or temporary obsession of any sort. They believe that Bstroy is forever and will be worn by all those who are ready to embrace the future. 

About Givenchy

Givenchy is a French luxury ready-to-wear brand that is also as ambitious as Bstroy and has been exploring NFTs, Web3, and Metaverse since 2021. Now, it has continued its exciting partnership with Bstroy to create 360 clothing that come in different designs and are backed by NFTs and will unlock several rewards like access to a membership program that will launch in 2023. Givenchy hopes to add more utilities over time. This is Givenchy’s second NFT collection.

The NFT designs are made possible by a collab with the Web3 native art platform, Felt Zine

Givenchy NFT Collection

The NFT collection is based on a collaboration between Givenchy creative director Matthew Williams and Bstroy co-founders Brick Owens and Dieter “Du” Grams. The capsule collection was unveiled on November 4 while the NFT collection launched on November 19.

In a statement, Williams said: 

“Brick and Du are longtime friends who proportion my vision of favor as an inclusive area for experimentation and personal fashion expression. Together, the three have focused on creating streetwear with touches that go beyond fashion and into the realm of avant-garde road art and Web3.”