The Fabricant popularly referred to as “the world’s first digital-only fashion house” has partnered with popular singer Sevdaliza to launch an NFT accessories collection. The new NFT collection is called XXories (pronounced accessories) and features metaverse earrings, nose chains, and facial piercings to be accessed via augmented reality (AR). The theme of this collection is ‘’Embrace your ugly, flaunt your flaws, celebrate your weird”. This launch is special because it is the first time a famous musician models a digital-only NFT face wear. XXories will be up for sale on The Fabricant’s website on February 16. The Fabricant has created a digital replica of Sevdaliza to model the pieces.

The Fabricant 

Created in 2018, The Fabricant is known for 3D apparel design and animation. As a community of artists who offer digital fashion, their designs are used on websites or other media around the world. In 2019, it revealed the world’s first digital blockchain dress that sold for $9,500. 


Sevdaliza is an Iranian-Dutch singer and songwriter known for her fearlessness in addressing women’s issues through gender-themed songs that cut across different genre lines – usually a mix of avant-garde, indie, electronic and alternative R&B. She’s also popular with her activism. 

The XXories Collection 

XXories contains various uniquely-shaped earrings, pieces of jewelry, and hair accessories that accentuate normal facial features. This collection seeks to inspire people to be authentic and creative. The collection comes in five rarities, and holders enjoy exclusive events and AR filters. 3,000 XXories NFTs will launch on February 16th and are currently pre-sold for $95 per piece.