The number of hackers and scammers is increasing day by day in the digital environment, so both Web2 and Web3 lovers must learn the ways of being safe. In this article, we are focusing on the ways of being safe in Web3 due to the existence of different scams and other dangerous circumstances.

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Do your own research!

There is a popular statement in the crypto world: Do your own research! If you want to protect yourself and your money in this virtual world, you must conduct your own research into NFT projects, different cryptocurrencies, Metaverse platforms, and so on.

There are many people who want to influence other users of Web3, but this influence is not always a positive thing. In other words, some people try to direct other users to fake projects for stealing their investment. Because of this critical circumstance, you must conduct research into each NFT project and cryptocurrency, then, choose your favorite project, currency, and game for investing. Hence, believing different people in social media is not a good idea, so you must only rely on your research in this virtual world.

Use a VPN

VPN refers to virtual private network, and it is a good tool for being safe in Web3. This tool can protect your data, your account passwords, your banking information, and so on. Also, it can hide your browsing history, so we can state that VPNs are useful and helpful for our internet experience.

You can find free or paid VPN options, and these options can be used both in desktop and mobile devices. You can select the most appropriate VPN for your devices and start to protect your money in Web3 with the help of your VPN!

Not your keys, not your crypto!

Like the ‘Do your own research’ statement, there is another important sentence in this world: Not your keys, not your crypto. Crypto wallets have keys consisting of different letters and numbers. If a user cannot control his/her keys, the user’s wallet is a custodial wallet which is defined by ‘Not your keys, not your crypto’ statement. On the other hand, non-custodial wallets allow users to control their private keys, and this type of crypto wallet is more secure than custodial wallets. The security depends on the control of private keys, and when you do not have the control, you cannot have a voice on your digital assets.

To be safe in Web3, you can find appropriate non-custodial wallets by considering your blockchain. If you reach the most secure point in Web3, you can prefer the usage of cold crypto wallet.

Create good passwords

Easy-to-crack passwords give a chance to hackers and scammers for stealing crypto and money in Web3, so you should create powerful passwords.

When creating good passwords, you can consider the usage of long and complicated passwords. For example, ‘123456’ is a very easy password for scammers and hackers, but passwords like ‘FdjlıILAH34’ are complex for these people in this digital world. Also, you should not use the same passwords two or three times and always utilize two-factor authentication for protecting your digital assets.

Be careful during internet surfing

This safety way is very important for both Web2 and Web3. As you know, the internet is a huge environment in which we can socialize, play games, do our jobs, learn, teach, and so on. When we are dealing with the internet, we can encounter different cybercrimes, so being cautious is critical during the usage of the internet.

To be careful during internet surfing, you should not download documents, visuals, videos, and other versions of files coming from strangers because they can involve viruses or other dangerous things, like scams. Furthermore, you should not click on everything in Google. In other words, after searching a keyword via Google, you must click secure websites to reach your desired result about the keyword. Lastly, you should not rely on every social media account because social media platforms, especially Instagram and Twitter, are used regularly for scamming.

Final Words

Web3 is the autonomous and future version of the internet, but it can involve cybercrimes or other dangerous circumstances. Because of this situation, you can protect yourself and your money by considering and applying the ways mentioned above.