For Mental Health Action Day, MTV Entertainment Studio has partnered with The Rocking Uniquehorns (TRU) to bring rappers, DJs, and bands performing a 24 hours live music festival to Decentraland. 

The partnership will allow MTV to host events in Decentraland’s virtual world. It will also allow TRU to showcase new and emerging independent artists in Decentraland’s premier music venue, the TRU Band Room. 

Last October, the TRU Band Room Festival Stage hosted 31 artists as part of the 2022 Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival

Now, it will feature 24 performers from around the world on May 18 to entertain the crowds of Decentraland. Hour-long sets by several kinds of musicians will take place to mark mental health action day. TRU and its marketing partner, The Songbird Collective, will also show a selection of short films from other mental health resource partners.

MTV and TRU lineup

Commenting on the event, the TRU Band Room’s event manager, Shelley VanWitzenburg, said that the team was excited about the music festival. She noted that this is another festival that has drawn attention and pulled crowds. Shelly added that the Band Room’s mission has always been to showcase incredible musicians in the Web3 music community. Therefore, the opportunity to do so alongside Mental Health Action Day and MTV is a huge event. 

How TRU and MTV Promotes Mental Health Action Day In Decentraland?

World Mental Health Day is a fantastic effort that attempts to raise awareness of mental health concerns and inspire everyone to act. Bringing together a large group of music enthusiasts will enhance the lives of everyone involved. To make this event a reality, TRU has partnered with MTV. This will enable music lovers to enjoy 24 hours of top-notch live music from the comfort of the virtual world. 

More About The Rocking Uniquehorns (TRUs)

The Rocking Uniquehorns is a music NFT community that hopes to unite new and emerging independent music artists in the metaverse. It does this by hosting musical experiences from amazing artists in the TRU Band Room in Decentraland. 

Since October 2021, TRU has on-boarded over 125 artists. They have also showcased more than 500 live events, drawing thousands of music lovers to Decentraland.