NFTs are definitely changing the music industry

Recently, Spotify has rolled out a new feature, and it is granting playlist access to NFT and token holders – allowing them to listen to exclusive content. This feature is called ‘token-enabled music playlists’, and holders of specific NFTs can connect their wallets to Spotify.

Spotify is currently testing this new feature via Fluf, Moonbirds, Overlord and Kingship community. 

These curated playlists will be updated from time to time within the three-month testing period, and they are only available to these community members (listed above) through a unique link.

For Overlord community members, the feature will only be available to Android users and to holders of Creepz NFT project that is a popular lizard-themed NFT project. People in these categories, especially those living in Germany, Australia, the US, the UK, and New Zealand, can link their Web3 wallet to Spotify and listen to the special “Invasion” playlist.

Kingship, Universal Music Group’s NFT brand, is also participating in the pilot and already has a token-gated playlist for holders. The community-curated playlist features artists, such as Missy Elliott, Led Zeppelin, Snoop Dogg and Queen, and is only available to its Key Card NFT holders.

Any member of the public can access it by purchasing Kingship NFTs. Once a person has some, the playlist is added automatically to the user’s library. The users will have unlimited access to the playlist and be able to stream those songs any time. 

Informative visual to join the pilot program

This collaboration with leading brands in the NFT space is aimed at improving user experience in Spotify and serving a broader spectrum of people. 

There’s limited information as to whether Spotify wants to take this a step further and test it on a wider scale. So, we will keep our fingers crossed and stay tuned for more information.