Amazing play-to-earn project, Walken is launching “The Cuze”. Barely a year old, the brand combines games and crypto with an advocacy for healthy lifestyles. 

Since its inception, it has built an engaged community of 3.5 million players. Each one contributes creatively to the growth and development of the amazing platform. 

Now, they’ve taken things a notch higher with The Cuze to bring more into the Web3 world from Web2. It’s showing avid gamers a cooler way to play and leverage their passion to earn.

About Walken

From day one, Walken has always turned out new, engaging games. Walken’s explosive growth shows that they are on a clear path to revolutionizing gaming as we know it. It’s also looking at building a bigger community for more gamers looking to transition from Web2 to Web3.

By building The Cuze, Walken plans to continue to grow its ecosystem. Players will advance to new levels via puzzle games as well as with their Walken assets. These assets have value that players can unlock and enjoy as they progress in the game play. 

Walken is a play to earn project.

About The Cuze

The Cuze is a collection of Walken-centric Web3 games that most people will enjoy. They are easy to play, funny, and engaging. More importantly, the games are designed to provide stress relief. One can easily progress on the levels. Yet, The Cuze isn’t just another set of boring repetitive games. It’s disruptive and seeks to empower players and creators!

Walken launches The Cuze.

The Cuze runs on $WLKN, a utility and governance token on the Walken ecosystem. It aims to help gamers, developers, and other creatives for monetizing their gaming experiences. 

On the backend, The Cuze is an infrastructure that supports the ecosystem, offering support, guidance, and best practices around tokenomics, gaming, and Web3. 

With The Cuze, developers can create and launch more games, expand their communities, and enrich player experience.

To get the ball rolling, Walken has already launched a game in line with The Cuze’s vision. This game is Walken Runner and is currently making waves and outperforming similar Web2 games.