Renault, a prominent French carmaker, has extended its presence in the NFT market with the launch of the RACING SHOE5 collection. 

Following the successful genR5 NFT collection, this new line combines fashion and automotive design. RACING SHOE5 allows enthusiasts to own custom sneakers inspired by the iconic R5 Turbo models while participating in the growing NFT market.

This isn´t Renault´s first endeavor in the NFT space as they have already released a genR5 collection that features1972 unique NFTs, each one allowing fans to own a digital car model bringing them closer to Renault and to their passion.

Limited Edition Sneakers with Blockchain-Registered “Digital Twins”

The RACING SHOE5 collection, limited to 960 pairs, features five customized designs, each inspired by a different flagship R5 Turbo model. 

A sixth design celebrates the R5 Turbo 3E and was created in collaboration with the R3NLT Web3 community. 

Each pair of sneakers is linked to a “digital twin” NFT representing a piece of 3D blockchain-registered artwork.

The sneakers, which cost 265 euros, will be available for purchase on May 17. Members of the R3NLT Web3 community will get early access beginning May 15.

Classic Automotive Design Elements Infused

The RACING SHOE5 shoes feature design elements inspired by the classic R5 Turbo, such as rear slopes that resemble the car’s chassis, interiors that mimic upholstery patterns, and seatbelt-like laces. 

Emphasizing Renault’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the RACING SHOE5 collection utilizes eco-friendly materials, including LWG (Leather Working Group) certified leather.

A Digital Passport

A pre-installed NFC chip in each shoe also displays a supplementary NFT when scanned: a “digital passport” or proof of validity. 

This digital passport contains information about the shoe’s composition, materials, and manufacturing history, as well as its unique identifying card.

One Wheel on the NFT Space

Renault’s entry into the NFT industry exemplifies the company’s entrepreneurial drive in merging technology and energy in the automotive business.

Because of some factors, like popular brand adoption, digital property rights, celebrity influence, and rising demand for digital art, the NFT market has grown significantly. We can also see the reality with the efforts of automobile manufacturers in this virtual world.

The RACING SHOE5 series allows Renault fans to interact with the brand through an immersive 3D experience, further solidifying Renault’s status as an innovative automotive industry leader.