MetaCannes Film3 Festival by Theta Network and The Squad will be launched this year from May 16 to May 29 at the same time as the famous Cannes Film Festival. 

The event is a joint effort of Theta Network and The Squad, a Web3 studio. 

MetaCannes is the latest concept in the Web3 space, the Film3 movement, which aims to decentralize and democratize the film industry using blockchain technology. Thanks to Theta Network and The Squad, we will encounter amazing films to expand our imagination.

The festival will showcase top leaders in the Film3 media and entertainment industries, like Oscar winners, actors, and directors, such as Jonathan Keltz, Miguel Faus, and Julie Pacino

The festival will feature 25 hours of AMAs, panels, films, and short films native to the Film3 movement. People who are dealing with the cinema industry can consider the festival because the event will show the impact of Web3 on the cinema sector and entertainment industry.

MetaCannes Streaming Pass

Theta Network’s native NFT marketplace, Theta Drop, will sell the METACANNES Streaming Pass starting on May 2.

The pass provides holders with access to a highly curated library of short films for 14 days and a Special Screening of the historic BAFTA and Oscar-winning short The Irish Goodbye.

Web3 and the Film Industry

The Film3 movement aims to merge the principles of Web3 with the film industry to create a decentralized and community-driven film industry. But, how can Web3 contribute to the cinema industry?

To build a more transparent, fair, and accessible industry that puts creators first by incorporating Web3 technology and NFTs into the filmmaking process. With Web3, the connection between creators and their audiences can be strengthened. Moreover, Web3 gives more sustainable revenue streams and greater creative control to this industry.

Andrea Berry, the Head of Business Development at Theta Labs, stated:  

“Film3 is all about empowering creators and dismantling the long-standing power imbalances that have limited the potential of independent filmmakers for far too long.”

MetaCannes Film3 Festival can spotlight a good point of view for Web3 in the film industry, and it may be an excellent opportunity for creators and event organizers to reach a global audience. 

In conclusion, the MetaCannes Film3 Festival promises to be a one-of-a-kind event that brings together Web3 and the film industry to create a more transparent, fair, and accessible industry that puts film creators first.

Hence, this festival offers a unique opportunity to showcase the advantages of blockchain technology for a more democratic industry and build a more direct connection between filmmakers and audiences.