Story of Zendodo Party

Zendodo Party is a project where NFTs meet DeFi. Gather all your Zendodos together and get rewarded by staking and weekly rewards. Based on the WAX Blockchain, the Zendodo team has already distributed more than $76,000 USD in prizes. Join them today and gear up for their launch of Mission Crafts, a brand-new feature hitting Dodoland this Spring!

*Available on WAX & AtomicHub

Currently Active Utilities

  • Staking will be the very first utility for Zendodo holders, to reward Heroes who show strong support behind our high quality NFTs. There will be 2 pools of reward – (a) Rally Pool & (b) Mining Pool. These two pools distribute different rewards PASSIVELY as shown below:

(a) Rally Pool – Stake Zendodos to earn MORE Zendodos (595 Zendodos / Week)

(b) Mining Pool – Stake Zendodos to earn ZENDI Coins (6650 ZENDI Coins / Week)

Tools are an added functionality for Heroes to equip their Zendodos with and greatly increase their Staking Power – leading to HIGHER rewards!

  • Zendodo holders are also rewarded in the Weekly Rewards system, where a prize pool of over 2,857 WAX worth of rewards is issued weekly. Winners are drawn based on an odds system as follows:

The combined power of all the Heroes’ Zendodos + 0.1% of each Unique Zendodo the Hero owns

Example: A player who has 1,000 Party Power with Eight Unique Zendodos will get [1,000 X (1 + 0.1 X 8)] = 1,800 Chances in the Weekly Rewards draw.

Upcoming Utilities

  • Mission Crafts will allow players to send Zendodos out on Missions, bringing back rewards such as ZENDI Coins and exclusive NFTs! This will increase the earning potential of Heroes and allow them to partner up with others as they embark on Missions together. Heroes will also be rewarded with an added referral bonus feature with this release!
  • Faction wars will also be introduced, allowing Heroes to join one of the SIX different factions and support their faction leaders in the fight over the week. These battles will then take place on Saturdays, with winning factions bringing home a sizeable amount of rewards!

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

Earning Scenarios:

1) Through the current staking pools, Heroes will be able to earn both Zendodos and ZENDI Coins PASSIVELY by staking the assets that they own!

2) Each season, there will be 6 Base Zendodos and 4 Limited Edition Morphs that are released. Heroes will be rewarded for collecting a specific number of that Season’s Zendodos! Season 4 in Dodoland will end on 3 April 2022, with a new Season to be released shortly after.

3) Heroes can also look out for the Weekly Rewards draw on Sundays 6 PM UTC and stand to earn even more!

Burn Scenarios:

1) Evolution of Zendodos: When three similar Zendodos come into contact, they will evolve and proceed higher to the next power stage.

2) ZAP Lab: Zephites are similar to Zendodos but with a sinister twist. Zapping Zephites in the Zap Lab will require the burning of ZENDI Coins to get a STRONGER NFT.

3) Tiki Hut: Heroes can also spend their ZENDI Coins at the Tiki Hut to get Packs and Potions to boost their parties!

Upcoming Sale

The sale of Zendodo Party’s NFTs will take place EVERY Saturday at 4 PM UTC over on AtomicHub! Keep up to date with their socials for the drop links and events!

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

There will be a public sale of Zendodo Party assets! In addition, there will also be a SEPARATE whitelisted sale for Heroes who own a set number of Party Power. Get collecting TODAY to participate in all of their events!

Team Details

Company Name: Zendodo Pte. Ltd.

Address: 7500A Beach Rd, #02-345 S199591

Business E-Mail: [email protected]

Contact E-Mail: [email protected]