Story of Medium Rare Potato

Medium Rare Potato is 2,000 Cook NFT avatars cooked to get unique offers in restaurants, cafes, and food shops, and for use as a personal brand.

The project is very amazing with its real-world usage; the NFT owner can get various unique offers from Medium Rare Potato’s partners. These partners can be a restaurant, café, or food shop, and the project will announce their partners after the launch of the collection.

Thanks to Medium Rare Potato, you can get a discount on a piece of juicy, marbled beef at a shop in your city or try a unique dish from a chef that is not on the restaurant menu!

Medium Rare Potato is an NFT project about cooking and kitchen.

Upcoming Utilities

As the most important upcoming utility of the project, real-world usage can be mentioned. If you get an NFT from Medium Rare Potato on their upcoming sale (we are giving all details about the sale below), you can encounter different advantages in restaurants, cafes, and food shops!

The real-world usages and unique offers will be published on the project’s website; the first batch will be published after the launch of the collection. Also, the team will present each place with unique offers in their social networks.

How to get a unique offer?

First of all, you must be an owner of the NFT Cook. Then, you can come into a restaurant or food shop, show the admin your Cook, and say you want to get a unique offer.

To verify that you really own the NFT Cook, you will need to show the admin the whole process: Open marketplace app -> My profile -> Collected -> Open NFT Cook.

After the reveal, the team will additionally record the whole process on video and show it to you.

Upcoming Sale

The public sale of Medium Rare Potato will start on April 4 at 22.00 UTC. The supply is 2000, and the price is 0.04 ETH.

Before the public sale, free mint will be available for early adopters and allowlist waves.

You can reach the other details of the sale here.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

There is a free mint for early adopters and allowlist before the public sale (April 4).

Team Details

Medium Rare Potato’s team consists of 5 successful members:

Slice is the founder who was a bartender in the past. In 2015, Slice became a blockchain developer, back-end developer, and artist assistant.

Biscuit is the co-founder who had experience in cooking. Biscuit has knowledge about front-end and back-end and is the full-stack developer and community creator of the project.

Baguette is the economist of the project.

Midori who is the artist of the project is loving cooking and art a lot.

Fridge is a Web3 consultant and a crypto and blockchain enthusiast.