Story of Nifty Kicks Factory

Nifty Kicks Factory is the first sneaker builder game on the WAX Blockchain. Players will need skilled workers, suitable machinery, and a factory building. They can build their factories and gather their resources. Also, they can craft their kicks, and set up their convoys, but they must beware of sending out their convoys without security.

Players can use various strategies, like diplomacy, trade, sabotage, and warfare, to dominate their opponents and deliver their kicks in the game.

Currently Active Utilities

Factory Building: Produces NKFE which is the native token of the project.

Machines: Three of them provide raw materials: Leather, Rubber, and Textile. These resources are used for the crafting of additional Factory Buildings, Machines, Badges, and Kicks.

Laborers: Provide a much-needed substantial boost to factory buildings and machines.

Kicks: Mine NKFE and other game resources.

Badges: Allow players to store claims, so they do not have to claim tokens every 2 hours.

Employee Of the Month (EOM) NFTs: Are awarded to top burners of tokens at the end of each month.

Upcoming Utilities

Lands: These will come with different landmarks. These landmarks will range from gas stations, foot marts/dinners, gun/ammo surplus stores, and repair shops.

Military Facility HQ Buildings: These will allow the players to upgrade different wings within the building.

Market Place: With the ability to purchase consumables needed for the players’ convoys.

Fuel: Needed for all vehicles to travel within the game map. Vehicles will consume 10 units of gas per mission.

Food: Needed to replenish the HP of all in-game personnel.

Ammo: Needed to reload in-game security forces weapons.

Spare Parts: Needed to repair all in-game vehicles.

Convoy Commander: It will be the main NFT in the next phase. This NFT determines how many vehicles and security forces the player can take on her/his mission.

Security Vehicle: It will provide the needed transportation for the troops.

Delivery Vehicles: It will determined how many NFTs the player can deliver.

Driver: Rarity will determine which delivery vehicle the player can use.

Security Forces: The main troop NFTs in the game.

Medic: It will increase security forces HPs in a mission.

Hyper Vinyl NFT: Introducing a media/music NFT with the partner of Nifty Kicks Factory called ZOLiD Project.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

In the current phase of the game, players earn tokens by staking factory building NFTs, Kicks, Collab NFTs, and Promo NFTs. Production can be boosted substantially by adding laborers to the machines and factory buildings.

On December 1, Lands will be dropped. These lands will produce consumables; gas, food, ammo, and repair parts. These consumables will be sold by the land owner at the in-game marketplace for NKFE, providing the land owner with a NKFE earning mechanism.

In the next phase of the game launching on December 15, players will earn partner NFTs, Loot boxes (with weapons parts), and NKFE. This earning mechanism will be based on mission completion.

All tokens used for crafting NFTs will be split. 50% is burned and the other 50% will go to the funding delivery rewards.

Upcoming Sale

On December 1 at 23.59 UTC, Private Land Sale to Senior and Junior Executives will be held for 23 hours.

On December 2 at 23.59 UTC, Public Land Sale will be held. Also, Free 2 Play drop of non-transferable Factory Buildings and Machines will be held at the same time.

*A total of 500 land packs would be sold at $98.99 + 19,999 NKFE.

On December 15 at 23.59 UTC, Private Military Facility NFT Sale for Executive NFT holders will be held for 23 hours.

On December 16 at 23.59 UTC, Military Facility NFT Public Sale will be held.

*Amount of Military Facility NFT Crates still TBD; $64.99 + 9,999 NKFE

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

As mentioned above, there are two private sales, and these sales will be for Executive NFT holders. There is no other whitelist condition for the upcoming sales of Nifty Kicks Factory.

Team Details

Carlos Lantigua: The co-creator and main admin with a degree in business.

Ramon Lantigua: the co-creator and digital engineer with a degree in UI/UX graphics design.

Marco Devares: The co-creator and quality control director with a degree in business.

Franklin Pierce: The community manager and lead admin with a career in law enforcement

In addition to these successful people, the team behind Nifty Kicks Factory involves 3 Dvs, 1 animator, and 2 artists.