Story of Pin Master

Pin Master is a play-to-earn game that connects real-life activities with video games. The game is based on a digital collection of bowling-themed NFTs, so Pin Master is the World’s first crossover game that combines real-world bowling with virtual gaming. Pin Master NFTs will allow players to earn cash and prizes through virtual bowling, fantasy bowling tournaments, or even when players lace-up at their local alley! If you enter the video game’s weekly free-to-enter tournaments, you can win $1200 each week.

Currently Active Utilities

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Pin Master made the drop for Early Investor Tickets, and the team behind the project launched Character Creation Suite in the first quarter of 2022. Also, you should know other utilities of Pin Master called Tickets and Bowler Cards.

Tickets: Create NFTs for use as bowlers in Pin Master, earn a 1% residual on all monies earned. (Mega tickets allow you to create one character, and the team behind Pin Master duplicates it by 20! You earn 1% residual from all 20 NFTs)

Bowler Cards: Enter weekly free-to-enter tournaments for a chance at $1200 each week.

Upcoming Utilities

Players will create Sponsored Bowlers in the first quarter of 2022, and the Character Creation Suite will be closed in the second quarter of 2022. Also, Pin Master will reveal the artwork for Attribute NFTs, and there will be a drop for PinMaster Bowlers Pack in the second quarter of 2022. In addition to these, there will be the launch of PinMaster Virtual Bowling in that quarter. In the third quarter of 2022, PinMaster Ranked Weekly Tournaments Season 1 will start while PinMaster Mobile App and PinMaster Online Store will be launched in 2023. Lastly, the team behind Pin Master will deal with Polygon Integration3 in 2023. To summary;

  • Bowl in real-life and earn an NFT.
  • Bowl one game for consecutive weeks, earn greater odds at rare NFTs and other prizes.
  • Attach your NFT bowler when bowling in real life and earn in-game experience for your bowler.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

There are three NFTs that offer different rewards:

Passive Utility: Bowling Alleys act as LAND for our game.  They are the big reward. The team behind Pin Master sets aside 5% of all Mint and Drops and distributes that to bowling alley holders. Also, when the game is live, they set aside 1% of all in-game activity and award that to the bowling alley holders.

  • Bowling Alleys: HODL a bowling alley and earn a share of 5% from ALL drops and mints. Also, earn a share of 1% from ALL in-game transactions.

Passive Utility: (Character Creation Tickets) The team behind Pin Master is allowing users to create the NFTs that will populate Pinmaster. They can use the software of Pin Master and create an NFT or upload custom art. The team will duplicate their NFT up to 20 times and add it to our pack drop. Players will find their NFT/bowler in the pack, play Pin Master with them, and earn PINs and Cash. For creating the NFT using our tickets, you earn 1% of all PINs and Cash earned with any and all of the NFTs created with your ticket.

  • Tickets: Create a bowler NFT by using the software of Pin Master. The team behind the project will duplicate that by 20, add to their pack drop, and players earn a 1% royalty from ALL 20 NFTs

Active Utility: Bowler NFTs to play the game you need a bowler NFT (created by early adopters). You find them in packs or on the secondary Market. You can bowl daily to earn PINs and enter the free-to-enter weekly tournaments using bowlers. The weekly prize pool is current $1200 with a $500 first place.

  • Bowler NFTs: Bowling daily to earn PINs. Players should enter weekly free-to-enter tournaments for a chance to win $1200 each week. (Prize pool amount locked through July 1, where it increases.)

Upcoming Sale

The upcoming sale is for tickets to help populate our packs, and you can reach the sale by the link:,109941,109943,109959,109960

There will be Eth Mint at the end of April that will utilize the Character Creation Suite, and anything created in the Eth Mint will act as a Mega Ticket. (The team behind Pin Master will duplicate their creation by 20, add those 20 NFTs to our pack drop, and they will earn 1% passive income from all 20 NFTs)

There will be WAX Pack Drop that will happen in early May (8th May, 2022), and the sale of the packs of cards will be the subject of the drop. The packs will contain bowlers created by Pin Master’s players, rare Professional Bowler NFTs, ultra-rare Bowling Alley NFTs, and a series of attribute NFTs: bowling balls, wrist guards, shoes, and stamina bars.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

Whitelisting will be a key for the sale. The key link will be shared in the Discord prior to the drop, so you should be a member of the Discord channel of Pin Master. You can reach the channel by the link:

Team Details

The team behind Pin Master is the same as the team behind NFT Draft. The team consists of Bred Richardson who is a fund manager and Jason Ickes who is a 14-year veteran of the US Army. Richardson and Ickes are equipped individuals in terms of technology systems, finance, gamification, and the NFT world. You can reach the detailed information about Bred Richardson and Jason Ickes by the link: