Story of Realm

Realm is a resource management game where players strategically utilize their NFT Leaders, Helpers, and Boosts to save the world from devastation. Collect resources, unlock regions, build up your in-game RLM Tokens, level up your realm, and much much more.

*Season 1 has now begun, and players are competing for a share in a massive 30,000 WAXP prize pool! Play now at

Currently Active Utilities

Assigning Leaders to Regions: Leaders all have a certain RLM salary per hour. This will depend on their rarity and level. As players unlock regions in Realm, they can assign more Leaders and earn more RLM (along with applying the Leader character’s bonus to the Realm).

Completing Missions: Missions in Realm have a chance of an RLM payout when they are successfully completed. This means that Free2Play players of Realm can complete missions with their Citizen characters and also collect RLM.

Levelling up Realm Leaders: As players utilize their Leader NFTs in Realm, they gain XP and increase their level. Leader’s RLM salaries are increased depending on their level. These levels are also stored on the Leader NFTs’ on-chain giving the players’ Realm Leaders extra value.

Transport Depot Rewards: After upgrading players’ Transport Depot and unlocking the ship transport, this has a chance of an RLM payout reward.

Applying Boost NFTs: Applying RLM Boost cards will give players an increase in RLM return for a set period depending on the rarity of the boost.

Upcoming Utilities

World Events and Daily Missions are the upcoming utilities of Realm along with more to be announced.

World Events: World events are global effort missions that all players will participate in together. They will be available for a specified period of time, and players will be ranked based on their contributions. At the end of the event, players will be rewarded with Leaders, Helpers, Boosts, and RLM Tokens proportional to their performance.

Daily Missions: They are similar to World Events, except players will not participate in them together. They will be available for a specified period of time and will have a certain return reward of anything from Leaders, Helpers, Boosts, and RLM Tokens.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

Earning RLM:

Realm is play-2-earn, and RLM is the currency of Realm which is an EOSIO token. Leaders assigned to regions in Realm will be paid a salary per hour depending on their rarity and level. As players unlock more regions, more Leaders can be assigned and increase their RLM salary return. RLM is also paid out via missions, transport depots, and other functions in Realm.


RLM distributed will come from a supply allocated to the Realm Storage Pool (RSP). All RLM spent in-game will be deducted from the players’ account, and 80% of these funds will be deposited back into the RSP. 10% will be burned and therefore taken out of circulation. The remaining 10% will be deposited into RealmNFT’s account which will be used to:

-Payout to Realm beneficiaries

-Reinvested back into Realm to support future development

-Only RLM revenue held for Realm

-Deflationary system

Upcoming Sale

Upcoming sales will be announced on and the social media platforms of the project, so you can check the platforms regularly to learn about the upcoming sales of Realm.

*Upcoming pack sales will now allow players to utilize their RLM to purchase Realm Pack’s adding to its utility.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

The details of the future whitelists will be announced on and the social media platforms of Realm.

*All holders of Realm Trophies (which are awarded to the Top 500 places of Realm Season 1) will also be privy to certain whitelist’s and experiences.

Team Details

-Matt “Buzz” Calcutt – Project Manager and Developer

-Ryan “Ryano” Storey – Head Developer

-Kirsten “KJ” Lea – Marketing Coordinator

-Steve “Stevo” Ninnes – CEO

-Mike Mcgee – Realm Artist

-Tyler “T-bone” Temple – Infrastructure Specialist

-Bonnie “Bon” Tang – Systems tester