Story of War of Trolls

War of Trolls is a play-to-earn game and is designed to monetize the players’ time in crypto or fiat. The project involves huge number of NFTs and tokens that individuals can create by themselves. Also, there are no strings attached, so the situation shows the existence of decentralization.

The game is based on prehistoric fantasy involving mythical heroes and creatures taking part in various mystical and magical events.

Currently Active Utilities

-There are two main characters in the game that are hero and magician. Each of them has NFT tools, all of which are crafted in-game, except for the main heroes and magician. The level of the main characters affects the extraction of all game tokens. Players can raise the level of a combat hero in two ways: by winning in the arena and increasing the number of tokens.

-NFT RAO, DELIGAXY, ATTACK, and DEFENSE can be upgraded and have unlimited exploitation.

-NFT RAO mine resource tokens RBD, AMD, and OND.

– NFT DELIGAXY mines the main game currency DELX on the principle of Bitcoin mining.


-To create mining NFTs, players need to have nine OND and DELX; the selection of the card is random.

-To create NFT skills, players need to have nine RBD and DELX; the selection of the card is random.

-The essential point of the game is to increase the hashrate for mining the DELX token by the way of mining and upgrading all possible NFTs in the game.

-All staked tokens can be obtained at any time by burning NFT economic experience.

Upcoming Utilities

Improving existing processes, expanding game functionalities, and implementing new useful features are the main subjects of War of Trolls.

The team behind the project has a lot of ideas for the various game branches, and the ideas depend on the participants of the project. In other words, the principal direction to move on will be chosen by the active audience of War of Trolls via vote.

The mentioned circumstances will be considered by the team:


-Release game feature Stake DELIGAXY

-Main token DELX mining (BETA Test)

-Access to the RAO and DELIGAXY mixers – pumping

-Access to the RAO and DELIGAXY mixers – production

-BETA Test of the arena battles

-Drops ARENA

-Release game feature Stake DEFENSE and ATTACK

-Access to the DEFENSE and ATTACK mixers – pumping

-Access to the DEFENSE and ATTACK mixers – production

-Release of the arena battles


-Access to the SKILLS mixer – production

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

There will be a limited number of the main token called DELX in the game. It will be obtained on the principle of hashrate distribution – as more mining cards and cards that increase the coefficient of production are stacked, the higher the hashrate.

By using DELX, players will be able to pay for upgrading or creating their NFT cards.

DELX is not the only token, and there are three more tokenized resources in the game: RBD, AMD, and OND. Any time resource tokens are used, they will be burned.

A certain amount of DELX will be available over a determined period of time and will be distributed to all earners as a percentage, according to the players’ hashrate.

The DELX token is possible to extract with NFT card DELIGAXY 1-8 levels. During upgrades and making of NFT cards, the following payment is deducted from the DELX token and distributed among the funds:

5% – development fund

25% – accumulation fund

70% – stake in NFT has economic experience

Upcoming Sale

The date of the upcoming sale of War of Trolls will be announced via Discord and Twitter by the team.

*The start sale of War of Trolls will take place in three stages:

-First 10 days – $49.99

-Second 10 days – $74.99

-Third 10 days – $99.99

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

For the upcoming first sale of War of Trolls, there is no whitelist condition. For the period, all sales of War of Trolls are public. Regarding the all next sales, when the numbers of NFT packs will be limited, whitelist conditions will be available, and individuals can reach via Discord role “King of Trolls”.

*All conditions can be seen in the announcement of the Discord server War of Trolls.

Team Details

The co-founder and CEO of War of Trolls is Mr. Vitalii Vrublevskyi, and the co-founder and CTO is Mr. Michel Andrew Brutus.