Story of OnlyRockets

OnlyRockets is the first NFT-based P2E game about space capitalism on the WAX blockchain. The game takes place in space where humankind could mine resources that are Energy, Data, Crystals, and Metal.

In OnlyRockets, players can choose their own development strategy. For instance, they can mine a certain resource and improve their rockets as quickly as possible or they can develop several areas at the same time to create a more robust production. For the strategies and starting the game, players should have at least one NFT of OnlyRockets.

Currently Active Utilities

*OnlyRockets game starts on the 18th of May (4 PM UTC).

Players will be able to launch their NFT-rockets. The starting version of the game uses rockets of four power levels and three digital rarity levels.

There are four rocket types to choose from:

-Scout (mines Data)

-Explorer (mines Energy)

-Harvester (mines Crystals)

-Cargo (mines Metal)

Also, there are three digital rarity rocket’s levels (Common, Rare, and Epic).

Players could:

-Launch their rockets to mine resources.

-Craft new rockets to upgrade their space fleet (or to sell them on the market).

-Upgrade their space fleet by blending (4 rockets of the previous level to get 2 rockets of the next level with the chances to get rare or epic cards).

-Upgrade their rockets with basic Modifiers, they are four: Engine V5 (upgrades Energy), Sensor (upgrades Data), Hobo (upgrades Crystals), and Container (upgrades Metal), thus giving extra productivity for each launch.

-Manage the mining time with a special Timeburner Modifier.

-Earn more resources and use them to launch new rockets or to sell tokens on Alcor for WAX currency.

Upcoming Utilities

-Rockets of levels 5 to 12. The higher the level of the rocket, the more productive it is. The more resources the rocket mines, the more successful the player in the game.

-New Spaceships and Planets

-New mining modes

-PVP mode

-Listing Partnerships

-Bridge for NFT and tokens

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

Earning scenarios:

Common rockets provide a player with a guaranteed opportunity to earn. Rare rockets give a player more income. Epic rockets give a player the best income and no launching costs.

Modifiers could make the rocket more productive and give the player an edge without blending. Players could withdraw the earned resources through Alcor.

Burn scenarios:

Blending rockets of previous levels burns them.


The cost of tier 1 crafting of any rocket type is 3000 Crystals + 3000 Data.

Modifiers increase the productivity (more income and less costs for a launch) of any rocket by 25% for Common Rockets, 50% for Rare Rockets, and 100% for Epic Rockets.

For the withdrawal of resources into tokens, players are charged a variable fee from 1 to 8% depending on the market situation.

To start the game, players will need at least one NFT. They can buy any of the NFTs available on the market or get them from the packs.

Upcoming Sale

The upcoming sale of OnlyRockets will be on the 18th of May at 6 PM UTC.

-1800 exclusive Modifiers packs for Premium Pass holders. Each pack contains 4 NFT of modifiers. 10 minutes after the start sale will turn into a public drop. The claim limit is two packs in one hand.

-1800 time packs with Timeburners. Each pack contains 4 NFT of Timeburners. It is a public sale. The claim limit is two packs in one hand.

Sale link:

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

-OnlyRockets Premium Pass Holders

-Warspace Diamond Pass Holders

-Lastroborocky owner (the unique game mascot NFT)

OnlyRockets Premium Passes on NeftyBlocks:

Team Details

The OnlyRockets team members have extensive experience in developing projects both in the field of game development and in the field of various Internet services and products. There are 13 people in the OnlyRockets team right now. OnlyRockets collaborates OnlySpace Metaverse brand, which has sufficient experience in implementing successful blockchain projects.