Story of Heroes of Arcan

Heroes of Arcan is a play-to-earn game on the WAX Blockchain, and the heroic fantasy game takes place on the planet Arcan. Players can select their allies and enemies in the game. If players would like to be rich Arcanian, they should develop only one strategy and use their cards resources in a good way. Once players choose the faction they want to belong to, they can work towards this goal by gathering resources to craft tools and items and creating structures to match their survival style. The economy of this universe is held by each player: they can control their destiny by owning, buying, selling, and exchanging the resources they will have earned within the game.

The team behind the project wants to make Heroes of Arcan play-to-fun for the players, regardless of their experience level and strategic abilities. Also, the players encounter the project with a community-owned economy model, so it is proper for all types of players.

*Heroes of Arcan NFT is the first collection to come out before the launch of the game. The collection will be the first for the players to have assets to play in Heroes of Arcan.

Currently Active Utilities

-In the fourth quarter of 2021, gameplay definition and storytelling were considered.

-In the second quarter of 2022, NFT drop and private sales were the main subjects of Heroes of Arcan.

Upcoming Utilities

-The main subjects of Heroes of Arcan are marketing development, marketing acquisition, NFT drop, Heroes of Arcan launch chapter 1, and new key features in the third quarter of 2022.

-Heroes of Arcan mobile version, Heroes of Arcan chapter 2, new heroes, and new quests will be considered in the fourth quarter of Heroes of Arcan.

The NFTs will be used to play the game and start progressing in Heroes of Arcan.

-The NFTs will be used to collect resources and could be fusioned to get improved.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

In the game, there are two tokens called ARCAN and ArcanX. Holders of the tokens will be eligible for rewards for staking, playing, and participating in key governance votes.

$ARCAN Token: The token will be used as a governance token, and it is indispensable for all those who want to actively participate in the success of Heroes of Arcan.

$ArcanX Token: It is the reference token for players and allows players to enjoy various benefits that are whitelist for future NFT drops (depends on the amount staked), airdrop from the game, possible airdrop for future collaboration (depends on the amount staked), bonuses, surprises, lucky box, loot box, and so on.

*The players require some ARCAN to get some gemstone. Every ARCAN used for this will be burned and will decrease the supply.

*Every time, NFTs will be fusioned; the old one will be burned and will decrease the supply.


Upcoming Sale

The upcoming sale of Heroes of Arcan will be a NeftyBlocks drop, and the other details of the sale will be announced by the team.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

There will be no whitelist condition for the upcoming sale of Heroes of Arcan.

Team Details

The CEO of Heroes of Arcan is French entrepreneur Thomas Gio who has more than 100.000 on Youtube.

The team of Heroes of Arcan consists of a product designer, a COO, two copywriters, two guild managers, two blockchain builders, artists, and so on.