Story of Rada Quest TCG

Rada Quest TCG is a fantasy game on the WAX Blockchain that incorporates strategy into classic collectible card games. The main goal of the online multiplayer trading card strategy game is that players can fight each other online and resolve quests by using their high-value cards (NFTs) supported by a boost system.

Players will gather resources through the construction and upgrading of their buildings, the development of different technologies, the resolution of in-game events, or through encounters (fights) against other players. These resources are required to boost the players’ cards.

*The players must obtain resources (tokens) in production buildings by participating in events and mini-games to boost their cards.

Currently Active Utilities

-Fusion of shards to obtain Game Art NFTs

-Mini-games with weekly tournaments

-Rewards for daily login

-Daily Airdrop for Game Art stakes

Upcoming Utilities

-Opening of the game shop for the purchase of card packs and other resource packs

-Opening system for packs of playing cards

Boosting playing cards: By consuming resources (tokens) cards, players can increase their attack, defense, and loot attributes.

Blending cards to get extended versions: By combining 2 base cards, the players get an extended version card with improved attributes. To get the full potential of an extended card, the base cards must be fully boosted.

Recycling of playing cards: By burning cards from the game interface, Soul Crystal tokens can be obtained as reimbursement.

Management of resource production buildings: Buildings can be upgraded by consuming generated resources. Levels will increase production and storage capacity.

Lands to manage player guilds: Guild membership entitles the players to participate in exclusive events with guild-only rewards. Guild owners will be able to tax their members.

PvE: The players will be able to participate in periodic events and quests with exclusive event rewards.

PvP: Tournaments will be created between the players and organized into different categories according to their historical scores.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

The main market for the game is oriented toward playing cards. There will be very limited editions that can only be obtained as rewards at in-game events. To obtain the fully boosted cards, it will be necessary to consume large amounts of tokens (SC, basic resources, and magic potions).

*The card booster system will help to keep the trade of all tokens between players alive. All tokens can be traded on Alcor.


Soul Crystal ($SC) is the main currency of the game. Its max supply is 10B. Players can use SC to power up cards and make some in-game purchases. Individuals can obtain SC by daily login, airdrop by Staking Rada Quest Game Art NFTs, recycling playing cards, and participating in in-game events.

Magic Potions are $REDPOT, $BLUPOT, $PURPOT, $YELPOT, $GREPOT, and max supply is 100B for each. Players can use magic potions to power up cards. People can obtain Magic Potions by daily login and participating in in-game events.

Credits ($CR) are necessary to participate in some game events. Individuals can obtain Credits by the in-game shop, daily login, and participating in in-game events.

Basic Resources (Food, Stone, and Wood) are used as consumables for construction and also to power cards. Basic Resources are produced in buildings.

Upcoming Sale

The upcoming sale of Rada Quest TCG called Honor & Glory Booster Packs will be on sale from 6 August at 16:00 UTC in the in-game shop.

*50k packs – 8$ each

*Each pack consists of 10 cards.

*The pack has random content (Legendary, ultra-rare, rare, and common cards).

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

There is no whitelist condition for the upcoming sale of Rada Quest TCG.

Team Details

Marcos DK is the owner of Dungeon Keeper Studios S.L. that is the company developing Rada Quest TCG. He is a computer scientist by profession and an artist by vocation. He is also the leader of 3DK Render, the top guild on the WAX Blockchain.

Currently, the team consists of 4 other programmers, an artist, and a community manager.