Story of Fishing Lands

Fishing Lands is a play-to-earn game on the WAX Blockchain, and players can communicate with each other within the game. Also, they can control movements in the game by playing in 3D. In addition to these, players can acquire different resources by using a fishing rod, and they can sell game tokens or NFTs.

In the game, the players can play roles as an enthusiastic fisherman who is obsessed with fishing in which he is desired to own the finest fishing rod. Each player can contribute and take part in building their multiverse by using in-game assets.

*Fishing Lands was launched on 29.05.2022.

Currently Active Utilities

Players require 1 Babyboy as a character to enter the game and 1 fishing rod to find resources within the game.

Fishing: Fishing takes 1 hour for each fishing rod, and each fishing rod has 120 energy. After the players use up to the maximum capacity of energy (120 units), they have to wait for 12 hours to be able to repair their tools and continue their fishing activities.

Crafting: All players can craft fishing rods within the game. They must use FSLS and FSLF tokens to buy 3 Stick, Reel, and Line parts and craft a fishing rod. After that, NFT will appear in the WAX accounts.

Access Pass will have special features within the game such as; this will only give the players 15% more rewards for 1 fishing. (Players should pair with a fishing rod to use this ability). It will be on cooldown for 24 hours. If a person will be a holder of the access pass, the holder’s name in the game will be yellow.

Badge Special Feature: This will allow the players to earn FSLC tokens, more slots for fishing rods, and a skip cycle in fishing.

Upcoming Utilities

The latest update system is farming and raising pigs on Fishing Lands.

Farm: Players will become farmers, and they can grow rice.

Animal Farm: Players will be the owner of an animal farm to feed the piglets.

Animal Breeding Farm: Players will be the owner of an animal breeding farm to breed pigs.

*In addition to the things mentioned above, there are more features that will be added to the game.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

Players can earn tokens with different fishing rods (FSLS and FSLF). The profit depends on the rarity of the NFT and the choice of bait.

Burn Scenarios:

-Craft fishing rod

-Craft badges

-Repair fishing rod

-Buy bait

-Withdraw fee


Fishing Lands currently has 3 tokens called FSLS, FSLF, and FSLC:

-FSLS is used to craft and repair equipment. Players can craft a badge, repair fishing rods, buy bait, and other systems that will be updated in the future with FSLS.

-FSLF is used for crafting and repairing equipment, like FSLS.

-FSLC is used for crafting badges and other systems that will be updated in the future.

Token supplies:

FSLS: 500,000,000

FSLF: 500,000,000

FSLC: 500,000,000

Upcoming Sale

The upcoming sale of Fishing Lands called Farm Drop will be held on 31 August 2022, at 17:00 UTC.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

The Access Pass is required to join the drop of Fishing Lands. The details about the Farm Drop are explained in the Discord channel of Fishing Lands.

Team Details

Fishing Lands’ founder and owner is Mr. Itsadat who is a blockchain developer and game developer. In addition to Mr. Itsadat, Mr. Chatchai is the system analyst and social marketer while Ms. Kittiyapon is the 2D/3D graphic designer of the project.