Story of Urban Space

UrbanSpace is a Play2Earn project that is based on an NFT collection with an industrial and city-building theme. The tokenized economy gives players the opportunity to independently control the market by building trade relations among themselves. Each player can come up with their own strategy for earning and implementing game resources.

Currently Active Utilities

-Mining a resource (tokens) by NFT placing

-Merging an NFTs to raise their level and mining potential

-Crafting a new NFTs using the mined resources

-The sale of tokens at the open market

-Dismantling the NFTs to get a resource to create a new NFTs rare or epic class

Upcoming Utilities

*The game will be released this month.

-The launch of the beta version

-City builder mode and Metaverse mode

-New NFTs with city facilities

-Game interactions with a player by visiting the city

-Resource exchanging

-Various game strategies for resource managing

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

Firstly, players should have the NFTs, and then, they can set up them to mine a resource. Mining a specific type of resource requires another type of resource. Players should have various types of NFT to support their economy by mining each type of resource. The mined resource could be sold or used for the creation of NFTs. Created NFTs can be merged with previous ones to get NFT, rising their level, which increases the mining potential.


There are 4 types of resources that are mineral, oil, energy, and electronics in the UrbanSpace game, and the resources can be used as a token and sold or bought on the crypto market.

Minerals are mined by Excavator NFT, and they are used in the construction of new NFTs.

Oil is mined by Oil Derrick NFT, and it is required so that other NFTs can extract their resources. Producing each NFT requires a certain amount of oil resources.

Energy is produced by Atomic Inc NFT, and it is used for extracting the resources of other NFTs and crafting new NFTs. Producing each NFT requires a certain amount of energy resources.

Electronics are produced by Robotics NFT, it is utilized in the crafting of new NFTs.

Upcoming Sale

The first Private Pass Sale (premium pass) of UrbanSpace will be held on 11 May 2022, at 16.00. The second Private Pass Sale (premium pass) of UrbanSpace will be held on 13 May 2022, at 16.00.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

Individuals should be part of the Discord community of UrbanSpace with a verified account.

*Whitelist role was given for the upcoming sale by considering the participation to the community and social activities.

Team Details

There is a well-established team with many years of experience in developing mobile and browser games behind UrbanSpace, and most of the team members held key positions in leading gaming companies such as Playrix, Ubisoft, Gameloft, GSC Game World, and others.

For now, the team includes two 3d artists, two 2d artists, two frontend developers (Unity), and one blockchain developer.