Story of Boku no Haremu

Boku no Haremu (My harem) is an NFT-based game that strives to unite play-to-earn mechanics and generative art, and it creates a first cross-chain community. The premise of the world of Boku no Haremu is wonderful Waifus that gather resources for the master of the harem – the player. Players are in charge of the prosperity of their harem, and the prime resource in this economy is LOVE.

Currently Active Utilities

-The game implements a unique fusion system that lets players upgrade and generate NFTs with different traits level by level. Eventually, it will create 4000 absolutely unique Waifus which can be bridged to certain EVM networks.
-The team behind Boku no Haremu has shown demo gameplay to Atomic Hub and Nefty and got whitelisted on both platforms.
-The social media channels of the game were released.
-Between April and May 2022, smart contracts for the project were completed, and the Oracle that handles generative NFT mechanics was done.

Upcoming Utilities

-After the initial distribution of Waifu and Money packs, the team will launch a classic stake and claim game with the custom fusion engine connected.
-Shortly after, the team is going to announce cross-chain bridges and make the art tradable on the most popular chains.

*The team’s aim is to gather a community around beautiful anime arts and build a Narrative Collectable Cards Game on-chain ?.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

Users can earn 4 types of resources depending on what Waifus they have staked, and there is 5 slots total for staking them. While staked, the Waifu produces a certain amount of resources and spends other resources, and they can be used for crafting new level 1 Waifu. Generative art is one of the core ideas of the project. Players can select one primary Waifu in the fuse among 3 Waifu NFTs to control which traits will be nested by the next level card. Final lvl NFTs will be generative pieces of art. It will be only 4000 of lvl5 NFTs (1000 of each race).

The resources can be withdrawn from the game by minting banknote NFTs, the new mechanic for trading. These banknotes will be tradeable on Atomic Hub.

To start playing, players need at least one Waifu NFT and some resources to sustain the mining.

Upcoming Sale

-1st day of Pass Sales on May 10th, at 19:00 UTC – 200 Passes for 179 WAX
-2nd day of Pass Sales on May 13th, at 19:00 UTC – 300 Passes for 359 WAX
-3rd day of Pass Sales on May 15th, at 19:00 UTC – 300 Passes for 589 WAX
Link: here

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

There are a total of 800 WL spots for the sale, and they are selected among the most active users in the Discord channel of Boku no Haremu and winners of various giveaways and contests. On May 7th, there was an AirDrop of Whitelist NFTs that can be then burned to buy a Premium Pass.

Team Details

The founder of Boku no Haremu is an influencer in web 2.0 and an experienced social media manager. She came up with the project’s core theme and mechanics, and she found the team to develop her vision. There are 4 visual artists, 2 game designers, 2 marketers, and 4 developers in the team, and all professionals hired from