As you know, NeftyBlocks is a marketplace for buying, selling, and creating digital collectibles, and it provides users with the chance of using community-driven tools. In addition to being an amazing and user-friendly marketplace, NeftyBlocks is arranging NFT Community Day, which is a not-for-profit event, and NFT Horizon is the media partner of NeftyBlocks for supporting the event! Let’s learn the details of the interesting event together!

What is NFT Community Day 2022 by NeftyBlocks?

The NFT space is growing day by day, and we encounter remarkable and successful NFT-based projects and digital art in the field. NFT Community Day 2022 wants to present the brightest projects and minds in the space more.

The event will be an unconference, so it can be also called NeftyBlocks Unconference. Like the marketplace, the event will be community-driven, and it will be held on 30th September 2022, at 10:00 AM – 6 PM (UTC +2). The venue of the event is Korte Noorderweg 22, 1221 NB Hilversum, Holland, and the location is an all-art cozy place. Furthermore, the transportation to the venue is easy because it is just 20 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and within walking distance from the Hilversum Train Station.

Tickets for NeftyBlocks Unconference

People can participate in the event with NFT tickets, and there are two NFT tickets called General Access and Sponsor Ticket.

General Access NFT: The ticket is a redeemable NFT, and people must firstly redeem the NFT for securing their spots in the event. In other words, individuals should buy and redeem the NFT if they want to participate in NFT Community Day 2022. The price of the NFT is $85,00.

Properties of General Access NFT:

-Access to the community event

-Lunch & Drinks

-Unique proof of attendance NFT

-Goodie Bag with NFT Swag

Sponsor Ticket NFT: As General Access NFT, the NFT is also a redeemable NFT, so people should consider the redeeming process for being a participant in NFT Community Day 2022. The price of the NFT is $325,00.

Properties of Sponsor Ticket NFT:

-1 General Access ticket

-Banners across event location

-Include the goodies in goodie-bag

-The logo, name & video on screen across the location

-The logo on unique event merch

*If special requests exist, the situations can be mentioned to the team behind the event.

The places of NFT Community Day 2022 are limited, so you should rush for getting your NFT ticket to join the event via the link:

If you want to join a friendly environment, develop yourself in the digital world, and expand your network by meeting successful people in the NFT space, NFT Community Day 2022 by NeftyBlocks is for you!