Story of Breeders Zone

Breeders Zone is an NFT-based game in which people should develop suitable strategies. In other words, the project is an online space strategy game, and players should utilize their NFTs for good results. In the game, players can stake Breeders NFTs, and they can select the token which will be used for rewarding. Players need to gather resources, improve their intergalactic empire through technological research and development, choose an alliance, and face enemies in Turn-Based Battles. The project consists of single-player and multiplayer elements. You can explore, mine, collect, and fight in Breeders Zone! The team behind Breeders Zone would like to develop a play-to-earn game with free-to-play mode.

Currently Active Utilities

In June 2021, the website and social media platforms of Breeders Zone were created, and the first collection sale of the project called ‘Spirit NFT Cards’ was generated in July 2021. Then, the launch of the NFTs Stake Breeders Platform was completed in October/November 2021. Lastly, in January 2021, the launch of the ESB Token Stake Breeders Platform was created. Essentia (ESB Token) of the project will be used for rewarding, and the token is used as the main currency of the Breeders Platform Games. You can reach the details of the token by the link:

Upcoming Utilities

The team behind Breeders Zone will announce the launch date of beta game in the first half of 2022, and then, they will launch full Breeders game in the second half of 2022. Also, Launchpad WAX Network will be developed by the team. Hence, you should wait for the free-to-play and play-to-earn game. The team is arranging their future plans for 2023, and they will explain these plans regularly.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

As we mentioned above, Breeders Zone has its own token called Breeders Essentia Token (ESB). The token is the main currency that should be used in Breeders ecosystem. Players will be rewarded with the token, and the token can be used for upgrades of spaceships, weapons, and planets. Total supply of the token is 20.000.000, and the token allocation is divided into three parts like that 60% game, 30% stake, and 10% marketing. Also, players can buy Breeders Boxes, which are mysterious boxes with unique NFTs that will be used in gameplay, with Essentia Token. Furthermore, players can develop token burn, and the subjects of the burn are Essentia Token, Breeders Box, and NFT. 

Upcoming Sale

The upcoming sale of Breeders Zone will be on 2nd April, 2022. In the sale, implants will be sold, and individuals can increase their earning possibilities by buying implants; with the implants, you will increase the power of your spaceships, giving it more mining, attack, defense and storage capabilities. Also, the implants can reduce the spaceship’s repair time, among other functions.

Round 1 sale will be for whitelists, and whitelist Breeders was announced in the Discord channel of Breeders Zone. You can reach the first-round sale by the link:

Round 2 sale will be an open sale, and you can reach the second-round sale by the link:

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

As we mentioned above, whitelist was prepared for the upcoming sale, and you can have only one chance for the whitelist. For the chance, you should follow our giveaway with Breeders Zone. In other words, the last whitelist chance depends on NFT Horizon’s giveaway with Breeders Zone.

Team Details

The creators of Breeders Zone are Jorge Aguiar and Ivan Bianco. Aguiar is a digital visual artist, entrepreneur businessman, and creative director with a graduation in Graphic Design at PUC-Rio University. Bianco is a cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2016, founder of Fraternidade Crypto, youtuber, and blogger. You can reach the Youtube channel and blog website of Ivan Bianco by the links respectively: