We would like to introduce a remarkable business conference for the game industry to you! The conference is called White Night Conference, and it will be in Istanbul. Before examining the details of WN Conference, we want to announce that NFT Horizon is a media partner of WN Conference!

What is WN Conference?

WN stands for White Night, and the conference is a hybrid event in which you can deal with the activities of WN Conference both virtually and realistically.

WN Conference will occur on 7-8th June 2022 in Istanbul that is a city full of various opportunities in Turkey. The exact venue of WN Conference is The International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC) which is the same location as the place of NFT Summit Istanbul.

There will be 800 video game industry decision-makers that will be joined by another 1,000 online attendees from around the globe on the WN Hub communication platform!

The conference considers the participation of everyone, so the event will be both online and on-site. In other words, the participants can be online or on-site audiences for WN Conference.

At WN Conference, there are 1000 attendees on-site, 1500 participants on WN Hub, 50+ games in showcase, and 50+ speakers, so you should not miss the event for improving your knowledge about the game industry!

Activities of WN Conference Istanbul

-Talks from industry decision-makers and world-famous game-development companies, such as Google and Huuuge Games

-WN Developer Showcase and WN Dev Contest with a $150,000 prize pool from its General Partner which is Xsolla

-HC Booster for hyper-casual game developers

In addition to the above activities, individuals will encounter other informative and attention-grabbing circumstances with the help of WN Conference Istanbul!

Why you should participate in WN Conference Istanbul?

Metaverse track: People will get the chance of discussing Metaverse and the new era of next-generation gaming. In other words, experts in the game industry will share their vision and knowledge with people in Metaverse track.

Opportunity to grow: You will encounter publishers, investors, and other people who can be partners with you to develop your game. In addition, you can get the chance of reaching the audience for your project with the help of WN Conference Istanbul.

Professional feedback: You can get feedback about your game or other projects from industry experts and fellow developers. With the help of feedback, you can transform your ordinary game into an award-winning game.

Networking: You can develop new relationships in the game industry by participating in WN Conference Istanbul, and you can show your project to other people for getting comments.

*You can get one online or on-site Premium ticket from the below website for the team and a fully equipped booth to showcase your game.


By participating in WN Conference Istanbul, you can find proper answers to some questions. For instance, you can answer the questions that are ‘’Will play-to-earn become the new norm?’’, ‘’Are NFTs just a fad?’’, and ‘’What can blockchain tech ultimately do for video games?’’.

If you want to improve yourself on Metaverse and the new era of next-generation gaming topics, you should consider joining in WN Conference Istanbul!

Website: https://wnconf.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wnconf

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wnconf/