Story of Ark Infernum

Ark Infernum is an NFT-based game in which players can fight, evolve, and earn. Also, players can grow their monsters and fight with them in PvP arenas! The project can be called Metaverse on the WAX Blockchain.

The base of Ark Infernum is a virus that turns people into the creatures of hell. The circumstance depends on the punishment by Gods for their pride. You should deal with the amazing story of Ark Infernum!

Feading Monsters

Currently Active Utilities


1. ARK token (received in staking and Arenas in the future)

2. Spark Token (received in growing, feeding monster and Arenas in the future)

Token Staking:

1. Stake other game tokens to earn ARK tokens. These tokens can then be used to grow the monster, purchase abilities, and fight in the Arena.

Early Capsule Passes NFTs – benefits:

1️. Early drop access

2️. Closed Discord channel

3️. Early beta access

4️. Closed giveaways and unique events

5️. Ability to participate in voting on Gen. 0 benefits

6️. More benefits to come regarding Arenas

Cryocapsules NFTs:

1️. Grow Monsters

2️. Produce Energy

Cryocapsules – 5 rarities

Upcoming Utilities

Monster NFTs (will appear after growing is completed):

1️. Players can use their monster in the Arena to fight and earn tokens

2️. Players can equip abilities to their monster and gain an advantage in the Arena

3️. Gen. 0 monsters will have unique features

4️. Feed the monster with ARK tokens after it hatched to maintain its health and to receive Spark tokens (If players feed the monster 100 ARK tokens, they will receive the same amount of Spark tokens in return)

Monster Gen. 0 (will appear after growing is completed):

1️. Limited amount (first to grow will get the Gen 0 Monsters)

2️. 2 unique benefits for the community to decide

3️. Other capabilities regarding the Arena (to be announced soon)

Abilities NFTs:

1️. Players can purchase abilities with ARK tokens

2️. Players can equip abilities to their monster and gain an advantage in the Arena

3️. Blending of abilities

Token Staking

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

To earn:

-Token Staking

-Growing Monsters (sell monster once fully grown or sell Spark token)

-Blending Abilities (sell NFTs of new abilities)

-Fighting in the Arenas (can earn ARK and Spark)

Upcoming Sale

There is no upcoming sale of Ark Infernum for now. The current volume on AH is 71,253 WAX (as of May 10th, 2022).

Upcoming events:

Week of May 16th – 22nd, (TBD when exactly)

1️. The team behind Ark Infernum will have info on Arenas.

2️. The team would like to do some giveaways (TBD).

TBD events:

1️. Mobile application

2️. Collaboration with other projects

3️. Public Sale

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

Early Capsule Passes are whitelist spots, there are a total of 300 passes for now. The team does drops on NeftyBlocks.

Team Details

There are 8 people around the world (US, Europe) on the team of Ark Infernum. These people are anonymous, and they want to explain the possible future of humanity with the help of conceptual art.