Story of Desert Farm Game

Desert Farm Game is an NFT-based game on the WAX Blockchain, and it has developed with the concept to have long-term economic stability. The economy of the project will survive even in poor market conditions. Players can encounter new crafting cost increment mechanism, burning tokens, and long-term economic survival with high yield.

Currently Active Utilities

Beta testing of Desert Farm Game was launched on April 2022, and there are other currently active utilities of the project which are;

Crafting Cost Increment: They increase crafting costs for every crafting, which will burn the excess tokens and allow the players to have a stable economy.

Upgrading: Mining tools of low rarity can be upgraded to high rarity through upgrading, and there is no fee for upgrading.

Upcoming Utilities

Listing on Popular Exchanges: Desert Farming Token (DFARM) will be listed on Alcor, FinexBox, and other premium Exchanges, including, which will provide the team behind the project with the eligibility to apply for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Listings.

Inbuilt Game Exchange: DFARM is the native token of Desert Farm Game; They will later have an Inbuilt Exchange to trade tokens inside the game. In addition, players can trade other tokens in the inbuilt exchange using DFARM.

Mining Time Reduction/One Click Mining: If a player is a Premium Associate, s/he needs to mine once every 24 hours, with just one click per day.

Factors That Keep Economy Alive: Increment in crafting cost for each crafting will limit the supply of tokens. For agriculture, the team behind the project will provide only seeds through Seeds Drop. Players need Water and Energy to craft them as a Tool. Once Food Token is released, The Desert Farm Game will allow using anyone token to mine another token to have equality between tokens.

*The game will be launched on May 2022, and the players will encounter Tools Drop, which is mentioned in ‘Upcoming Sale’ part, Associates Drop, Seeds Drop, in-game exchange, Livestock Drop, and Weapons Drop. Also, the introduction of the project on the Binance Chain will happen in July 2022.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

Desert Farm Tokens (DFE/DFW) Price > 1 Wax

The team behind Desert Farm Game promised the price of their token to 1 WAX by controlling the supply of the token by increasing the Consumption Cost of the mining, and this will practically help a way to have long-term survival for the game.


The team behind Desert Farm Game promised not to deceive Early Adapters and always make them happy. As a part of that Desert Farm Team will put 40% of the funds from the presale to buy Wall on the exchange, which will help the survival of the game.


Upcoming Sale

The upcoming sale of Desert Farm Game is Tools Drop, and the sale will be on 23rd May 2022, at 17.00 UTC. You can access the sale by the link:

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

The whitelist condition of the sale was arranged earlier, and the players should have an NFT whitelist pass.

Team Details

The main team behind Desert Farm Game consists of four people with different skills. There is one head of the team & investor, one developer of the project, one designer, and one web developer. In addition to these people, there are marketing specialists and a customer support team to improve the project.

*The project director is Derin Sam C.

If you want to reach the team behind Desert Farm Game, you can send an e-mail to [email protected].