Story of The Chronicles Of Dr. Zammsy

The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy is an NFT-based game on the WAX Blockchain, and the game focuses on high-quality artwork and story.

People can buy, sell, and trade Dr. Zammsy digital trading cards and study the backstories to find clues that are linked to puzzles on

Players can get commemorative NFT cards which can be utilized for creating a Replicon Nexus or the playable cards. This process is made through the card transformation feature in the Holicron Splicer that can be found in the game.

If you want to find the cure for the deadly virus that sweeps across the world of Gallagan and is engineered by the evil Queen Vizdeedra, you can join in the fantastic race of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy!

Currently Active Utilities

-The release of Set 2 NFT trading cards and the launch of the puzzles

-Dr. Zammsy NFT documentary filming

-The existence of the limited-run first series battle cards

-The full production of the Card Battle game

– Dr. Zammsy NFT weekly audio podcast available now on Apple and Spotify

-The staking system of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy’s NFT cards on

Upcoming Utilities

-World Map of Gallagan

-The submitting of Dr. Zammsy NFT documentary to film festivals

-The production of Dr. Zammsy 3D adventure game

-Holicron Splicer tool for fans to test battle card options for the game

-The combining system for Dr. Zammsy NFTs with battle satchels and melting them together to create a battle-ready unit for the card game

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

VOID is the official primary currency of the game. A player can acquire VOID by winning a battle, and it can be spent to purchase, craft, and level up cards.

VOID tokens were originally launched on the EOS blockchain, with a distribution made to wallets via an airdrop. The snapshot for the airdrop was taken on 10th October 2018. The airdrop took place 14-15th March 2019. 15% of the total VOID supply (9,375,000,000 VOID) was airdropped to EOS wallets holding 100+ EOS tokens. All qualifying wallets received roughly 300,000 VOID tokens each.

A further 40% of the total VOID supply (25,000,000,000 VOID) was made available to be claimed for free through our staking dApp up until 14th May 2019. Only 2/25 Billion was claimed during this event, the remaining moved back into the Onessus treasury to be distributed back to the community in other manners.

VOID tokens were then bridged to the WAX network on 22nd March 2021. EOS wallet holders with VOID tokens running on EOS are able to send their tokens to the WAX network by sending them to a designated EOS address, VOIDeostowax, with the users’ WAX cloud wallet address as the memo.

*Players can blend the NFTs of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy, and they also can encounter scavenger hunt events weekly and giveaways for free NFTs.

Upcoming Sale

The upcoming sale of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy will be SET 3 drops on 27th May 2022, at 2 PM PST (9 PM UTC) on Neftyblocks.

-Dr. Zammsy 3 Box à $25, 1500 packs

-Ultimate animation 3 Box à $149, 350 packs

-Matt Gaser’s Collectors Box 3 à $1987, 20 packs

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

There is no whitelist condition for the upcoming sale of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy. The team behind the project did offer a promo NFT in every wallet that has bought the NFTs.

Team Details

The exact team behind the project consists of Matt Gaser and Rolf Kvalvik.

Matt Gaser is an industry veteran of art direction and concept art, and illustration. Gaser is the original creator of Dr. Zammsy. His work has been featured in some of the greatest animated films in recent history.

Rolf Kvalvik is also a veteran in the entertainment industry and has been a collector of NFTs since 2017. Kvalvik has partnered with Matt to bring Dr. Zammsy to the masses through games, TV, and film.