Story of Credit Metaverse

Credit Metaverse is the first NFT collateral loan service in the WAX Blockchain. In May 2022, Credit Metaverse will launch the first lending service that uses NFTs as collateral. The service will provide the customers with access to the liquidity they need to achieve greater success in the play-to-earn space. Credit Metaverse solves the liquidity problem for players whose WAX tokens are invested in NFTs.

Currently Active Utilities

-In the fourth quarter of 2021, the development of MVP and team expansion was considered.

-In the first quarter of 2022, service development, team expansion, investment round, and company setup were the main subjects of Credit Metaverse.

-In the second quarter of 2022, the initial NFT sale of Credit Metaverse was held, and the development of peer-to-peer platform was considered. Furthermore, liquidity pool development and data collection for automated features were the other subjects of the quarter.

Upcoming Utilities

In the third quarter of 2022, liquidity pool launch, peer-to-peer platform launch, automatic features launch, and development of SOLANA expansion will be considered.

In addition to the above mentioning, tokenomics development, liquidity pool development, peer-to-peer platform development, Credit Metaverse loans development, and Solana initial NFT sale will be the other main subjects.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

The token of Credit Metaverse called Credit Metaverse Token (CMW) can be used for various functions. The cases in which CMW can be utilized are mentioned below:

-Acquiring a Premium Credit Metaverse NFT using a CMW token as


-Holding the tokens in anticipation of their value rising

-Trading tokens for WAX

-Providing liquidity on the exchange and earning through mining & dual mining

*Additional potential functions to be determined.

The CMW token is designed to be uniquely deflationary. The token will be introduced with a small supply, and that supply will be reduced over time by burn mechanisms, providing enormous potential token value growth.

You can consider the below-mentioned ways to get CMW token:

-Buying or acquiring Credit Metaverse NFTs that generate tokens

-Purchasing tokens from an exchange; tokens will be listed on the Defibox and Alcor exchanges.

-Participation in liquidity mining in DefiBox, thereby receiving CMW and BOX tokens as a reward.

CMW Token Allocation:

Upcoming Sale

The second generation NFT sale of Credit Metaverse will be held in December 2022. The details of the future sale will be announced.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

Information about the whitelist condition is not available now, but the details will be announced by the team behind Credit Metaverse.

Team Details

Aleksi Vitakoski, the founder of the Credit Metaverse, is an experienced crypto entrepreneur and passionate play-to-earn player. His special skill is constructing ecosystems, and his previous company built a payment service network quickly for more than +50 local merchants in Finland and operates the largest Bitcoin-ATM network in the Nordic countries called Bittimaatti. Now he has a goal to make life in Metaverse more valuable!

The team of Credit Metaverse consists of 25 members, and there is a CTO, CFO, loan manager, content manager, community manager, service management specialist, UI/UX designer, 3D artist, and so on.