Most of the people who are dealing with NFTs, Metaverse, and blockchain technology know the notion of play-to-earn; there are a lot of play to earn projects, like NFT-based games, and individuals can earn cryptocurrencies and other rewards within the projects. In other words, people deal with online projects or games, and then, they are rewarded with a valuable asset. In play to earn projects, people generally sit in front of their computers, and they do not present significant physical movements during the projects. On the other hand, there is a different notion called move to earn from play to earn. Let’s examine the details of move to earn together!

Move to earn is a notion that defines a way of moving and earning cryptocurrency. In other words, people can both lose calories and earn valuable digital assets with the help of move to earn projects.

In move to earn model, a technology, which can perceive human beings’ movements, such as walking and running, with the help of a detecting element, is utilized. Also, the technology can evaluate the quantitative and qualitative aspects of human movements, so the model can be successful.

There are different move to earn projects, but, generally, the logic of the model is the same. People should act according to specific instructions of move to earn model within certain time intervals. If a person pays attention to the instructions and considers her/his movements in a good way, s/he can get the desired outcome from the model.

You can think that move to earn model wants individuals to exercise because the model is not working without movement. Because of the logic of move to earn, people try to get rewards by walking, running, or doing other exercises. As you can understand from the circumstance, move to earn provides people with proper physical movements and money. In other words, people should move in their daily lives to be healthy and live long, but the current situation is not suitable for the movement goal. We are living within a technology age, and we are always dealing with computers, tablets, mobile phones, the internet, and other technological devices. Generally, we forget to move when our subject is technology, and the circumstance damages our physical and psychological health, social abilities, and daily life. Hence, move to earn model can be a solution for the immobility of human beings in daily life; the model gives rewards to people if they act properly, so it increases the motivation of people for moving with the reward power.

The Difference Between Play to Earn and Move to Earn

Firstly, we should emphasize that play to earn and move to earn have a similar goal that is rewarding people. In other words, users can earn monetary rewards, such as cryptocurrency, with the help of play to earn and move to earn projects. However, the ways are adopted by play to earn and move to earn models are different.

The users should deal with their computers or other mobile devices to earn assets in play to earn model. For instance, we can consider NFT-based play to earn games; in an NFT-based game, players generally follow the virtual directions of the project, and then, they act according to the directions. They can apply the directions, such as battling with NFT cards, virtually with the help of their mobile devices. Hence, they do not have to consider the physical movement during play to earn model.

The users of move to earn model should move physically and go out to earn rewards. For example, there can be a direction of a move to earn project that wants the users to ride a bicycle for a certain distance. Move to earn model considers the physical movement of people with the directions, and the situation can develop the sustainability of exercising in people’s daily lives.


If you are interested in any sport, you can gain valuable assets with what you are already doing in terms of movement. If you are far from doing sports and exercise, move to earn model can increase your motivation to improve yourself physically. You can earn cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and so on with the help of both play to earn and move to earn models. Therefore, you should search for play to earn and move to earn projects that interest you!