If you want to get detailed information about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, NFTs, Metaverse, FinTech, DeFi, WEB3, DAOS, and so on, you can participate in Blockchain Futurist Conference! We would like to inform you about Canada’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain event called Blockchain Futurist Conference. In addition, we want to announce that NFT Horizon is a media partner of Blockchain Futurist Conference. Let’s learn the details of the amazing conference!

What awaits you at Blockchain Futurist Conference?

Untraceable‘s Blockchain Futurist Conference is Canada’s largest blockchain and cryptocurrency event, and the fourth one will be held on August 9-10th 2022!

The conference will involve more than 100 world-class speakers, more than 60 sessions, panels, workshops, and roundtables, so we can say that Blockchain Futurist Conference is a fusion of the WEB3 world.

The notions of GameFi, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, DeFi, DAOs, Metaverse, and NFTs will be the subjects of the conference. The conference will take place at the Rebel Entertainment Complex and Cabana in Toronto, and participants will encounter a state-of-the-art sound and lighting stage, VIP cabanas, an outdoor marketplace, and two levels of exhibitor booths. Furthermore, there will be crypto ATMs, crypto-powered marketplaces, NFT galleries, and so on.

2022’s Blockchain Futurist Conference will involve ETHToronto Hackathon that is a three-day hackathon competition that lets participants build the future by developing the next innovation in blockchain technology; the contestants will have the chance of meeting various developers, attend speaker sessions, connect with hiring companies, and compete to present their builds on the Futurist mainstage.

Why you should participate in Blockchain Futurist Conference?

Speakers & Showcase

There will be more than 100 industry experts, thought-leaders, and world-class speakers to inform individuals about NFTs, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Metaverse, DeFi, DAOs, and so on. If you would like to improve yourself in the field, you can participate in Blockchain Futurist Conference and encounter various panels, speaker sessions, roundtables, and workshops.

Expo Booths & Sponsors

Blockchain Futurist Conference will provide the participants with the chance of expanding their network in the field. They can make face-to-face connections at the conference and reach the leading companies. Also, there are different sponsorship opportunities of the conference, and you can consider these.

Bootcamps for Crypto and Blockchain

Blockchain technology is considered new by many people, so they think that the technology is complex and have difficulty in improving themselves in this field. Blockchain Futurist Conference wants to delete the negative thoughts about blockchain technology, and we can mention the bootcamps of the conference at that point. There will be bootcamp sessions, that are designed for the beginners in the field, and individuals will learn the basics and fundamentals of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the above mentioning, we can mention that Blockchain Futurist Conference will offer epic networking events, like a networking party and closing party. Also, the participants can have the chance of reserving a private cabana for their companies and encounter futuristic installations, such as crypto helicopter rides, augmented reality art galleries, robots, and so on.


Blockchain Futurist Conference will provide people with a fully immersive crypto experience and the chance of expanding network in the field. If you would like to communicate with top founders and investors, you should not miss the conference! For being a participant in Blockchain Futurist Conference, you can visit the website of the conference and reach the event tickets.

We would like the news with the sentences of Tracy Leparulo who is the founder and CEO of Untraceable:

“Blockchain Futurist Conference is more than a conference, it’s a statement to the world that Canada remains a blockchain leader. Toronto is the birthplace of Ethereum, and since those early days, we have witnessed this city grow into a vibrant hub for blockchain innovation.  I’m so happy to have had an opportunity to help foster this culture, and events, like Blockchain Futurist Conference, allow me and my team to continue to contribute to this amazing space and all the incredible things coming out of it!”

Website: https://www.futuristconference.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/futurist_conf