Story of Castles NFT

Castles NFT is an NFT-based game where players can merge their lands to expand their kingdom and earnings. Players can gain influence, power, and glory by building their kingdom.

‘’Merge lands, earn tokens, and build up your kingdom!’’

Currently Active Utilities


– Holding lands to earn Metasource tokens (Msource) passively each hour.

– Merging the lands together for a chance at bonus lands by spending Msource tokens.

– Royal Barons mint a new land every 24hrs, at the cost of 1 Royal Seal every 7 days.

– Castles (highest tier land) mint a Royal Seal every 24 hrs, at the cost of 1 Royal seal every 7 days.

Crafting and Wonders:

-Using Lumberjacks to craft 2-3 Lumber for a cost of 400,000 Msource and 4 royal seals.

-Using Carpenters to craft 2-3 Fine Wood for a cost of 6 Lumber and 1 royal seal.

-Using Lumber/Fine Wood/Royal Seals to craft Wonders for a limited time which have unique functions throughout the game.

Upcoming Utilities


-Crafting lands with Fine Wood (and Royal seals TBD) to out Expeditions or Voyages (coming soon)

Doubling Event:

-Once there are 500,000 farms minted, a doubling event is triggered where the Cost to craft land packs increases, the amount of royal seals produced and the amount of royal seals required to recharge Castles doubles, and the amount of royal seals required to recharge Barons doubles, and the Msource cost to merge lands doubles.


-Crafting Monster packs with the Mighty Dungeon tome which can be slain in glorious battle for loot

-Sending the Heroes out to fight a daily Monster or fighting NFT Monsters for even better loot

-Collecting hundreds of unique armor pieces to fill up 11 different slots across 3 character types with 3 color variations each, and tens of thousands of unique combinations.

Dungeoning Hero Luna and her 3 color variations

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

Metasource Token:

– Metasource (Msource) is earned every hour by simply holding lands. Msource can be claimed at any time within the Castles NFT game website here:

– The Msource used to merge and to recharge Lumberjacks is burned from the supply.

– Msource can be sold for WAX on Alcor here:

WAX Token:

– WAX can be used to purchase more Castles NFT game Assets on the secondary market Neftyblocks here:

Lumber and Fine Wood:

– The Lumber and Fine wood used to recharge the Carpenter and to craft Wonder Bounties is burned from the supply.

– Royal Seals can be purchased at any time for a cost of $5 USD each.

– 50% of all sales from Royal Seals are returned to holders of the Royal Courthouse Wonder Bounty.

Upcoming Sales

-Royal Barons – 64x at $300 each on 12 May 2022

-Metasource Mystery Packs – approximately 100 packs at $150 each on 19 May 2022

-Fragment Sale – 10 June 2022

*2500x Metasource Fragment – 500k Metasource cost each

*3000x Runesource Fragment – 1k Runesource cost each

*2500x Pack Fragment – $35 USD in Wax each

Players are to combine fragments to create a hero pack.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

The sale of Royal Barons: Whitelist through in-game activities, and is already set.

The sale of Metasource Mystery Packs: Whitelist through owning a Metasource Card already, dynamic whitelist, anyone can get on the list by buying a card.

*No whitelist planned at this time for the fragment drops.

Team Details

Robert Trusardi: Co-Founder and CEO //

Joshua Cantrell: Co-Founder and CFO //

Knightsky: Partner and creative designer

DevyMetal: Community support manager

Shaesora & Velocichapter: Metasource card art design and creative team

Victor (@Apex NFT): Managing partner for the smart contracts and frontend web design team (5+ developers)

James (@Orb Art Studio): Manager of partner art team (10+ artists)