If you are ready to meet an amazing NFT-based event in Turkey, you are at the right point now! We would like to inform you about NFT Summit Istanbul 2022. Also, we want to announce that NFT Horizon is the Diamond Sponsor of NFT Summit Istanbul!

What awaits you at NFT Summit Istanbul?

NFT Summit Istanbul is a perfect event in which experts, technology developers, and digital artists come together, and these people are going to inform individuals about the NFT world on 28-29th May 2022! Istanbul, Turkey is a suitable location for the event because the city is the World’s center and connects continents. A multitool exhibition center called The International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC) is selected for the event. At NFT Summit Istanbul, there will be a lot of equipped and knowledgeable speakers who will inform us about the details of the NFT world; 63 confirmed speakers and panelists will be found at NFT Summit Istanbul! With the help of the speakers and panelists, we will meet new NFT-based brands, and we will expand our knowledge about the NFT world, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies.

Why you should participate in NFT Summit Istanbul?

World-Class Speakers

The team behind NFT Summit Istanbul opened the proper speaker application system, and the team chose the best experts in the NFT-based field to speak at NFT Summit Istanbul by considering the system.

Modern Venue

The event’s location is splendid because ICEC is near to a lot of hotels, restaurants, and bars. Hence, you should think about the leading convention and exhibition center of Turkey to participate in NFT Summit Istanbul.


NFT Summit Istanbul will create an excellent interactive space for people, so they can communicate with each other about the NFT world and expand their network for their interests and specialization areas during coffee and lunch breaks.

NFT Artists Area

NFTs are not about only finance and economy, also, they are presenting the power of art. In other words, the NFT world improves modern art, and NFTs transform the way how we perceive masterpieces. With the help of NFT Summit Istanbul, the idea of the NFT world and the relationship between modern art and NFTs will be understood properly.

Project Launch Area

With the help of the event, people will get the chance to showcase and present their projects to investors, peers, and the whole NFT community during a data-blitz session.

The Program

NFT Summit Istanbul will show a well-designed program in which keynotes and panel discussions are mixed with knowledge sessions and social events.

The People

Dexes, NFT Marketplaces, NFT Creators, Cexes, Blockchain Developers, DAO’s, Game Developers, Metaverse, and Web3 Creators; NFT Summit Istanbul is welcoming all developers and entrepreneurs, artists, students and academics, major brands, venture capitalists, and media from all around the world.


NFT Summit Istanbul will develop individuals’ knowledge about web3, blockchain, investment, DEFI–CEX/DEX, law and legal rights, smart contracts, Metaverse and design, digital art and NFTs, music, sports, gaming, and entertainment, so you should not miss the amazing event!

*You can buy the admission ticket to NFT Summit Istanbul by the link: https://www.nftsummit.ist/


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