DApp Store Kit has decided to incorporate Ready Games’ development toolkit to assist developers in building and launching Web3 games.

Ready Games’ mobile game development toolkit provides a comprehensive solution for seamlessly integrating all essential components of Web3 on-chain support. The toolkit incorporates integrated wallets, on-chain user profiles, and on-chain interaction. Furthermore, it features a complete dApp Store frontend stack to facilitate the effortless launch of prosperous Web3 games.

The game development company targets the expansive free-to-play games and communities market. In addition to deploying the development toolkit, Ready Games will introduce its dApp Store, utilizing the dApp Store Kit. 

The initial studios joining the Ready Games dApp Store include CIMU Games, IDC Games, Minijuegos, Aeria Games Canada, and ToroFun. Together, these studios boast a staggering portfolio of over 2500 games, attracting an impressive 80 million monthly active users.

These prominent publishers, deeply rooted in Web2, are anticipated to transition their successful existing titles into the realm of Web3. They will achieve this by leveraging Ready Games’ cutting-edge tech stack and the dApp Store Kit. These are deployed on the Polygon protocols-chosen as their preferred blockchain scaling solution.

The dApp Store Kit aims to disrupt monopolies and empower Web2 games to achieve improved monetization and engagement through Web3. 

Ready Games’ Web3 Mobile Game Development Kit is set to release its beta version and the highly anticipated dAppStore Alpha. They are expected to launch in mid-June.

dapp store kit incorporates ready games' toolkit

About Ready Games

Ready Games is a cutting-edge Web3 game development platform dedicated to crafting pleasurable gaming encounters for all individuals. Through its robust Web3 game development toolkit, the company facilitates the integration of Web2 games into the emerging Web3 space

It currently boasts a user base exceeding 2 million monthly active wallets (MAW). That metric is expected to grow by 500% (10 million MAW) by Q4. 

The gaming company stands ready to establish itself as the most extensive gaming ecosystem within Web3. It strives to construct a collaborative gaming ecosystem that enhances the experience for game developers, players, and content creators. It will achieve this through shared ownership, decentralized decision-making, milestone rewards, cross-game utilities, and user-generated content based on NFTs.