Epic Games, the corporation behind the game franchise Fortnite, intends to expand its gaming marketplace in the coming year by releasing nearly 20 extra games driven by blockchain technology.

The CEO of Epic Games Store, Steve Allison, revealed that the company already has five of these games on its site, with Blankos Block Party and Core, a metaverse portal, earning positive feedback from gamers. However, the corporation will not be involved in the development or publication of these games.

Blankos Block Party is a crypto game which is released on Epic Games.
Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party by Mythical Games was the first cryptocurrency-powered game to be released on Epic Games, one of the major online gaming marketplaces. This free-to-play, multiplayer party game allows players the option to gather and personalize their own digital vinyl toys called Blankos while journeying across an assortment of player-designed levels and game styles.

Allison emphasized that the company is mindful of the potential impact that certain cryptocurrency endeavors can have on the company brand. He promised players that the platform will not tolerate “bad behavior” from gaming enterprises. In other words, fraudulent projects and Web3 games with exploitative business strategies will not be posted on Epic Games.

Epic Games’ Experience with Blockchain Technology

The gaming marketplace began accepting blockchain-based games in late 2021, following the announcement by Steam, the world’s largest video game online retailer, that it would ban crypto games from its platform.

In October 2022, Epic Games Store disclosed the release of The Forge Arena on its platform. That same month, it invested $30 million in Hadean as Series A funding.

The inclusion of new titles in the Epic Games shop demonstrates how the gaming sector is gradually opening up to Web3. If more game creators and publishers adopt this technology, the gaming industry might see a significant shift in the way games are played and monetized.
Every attempt by a traditional gaming studio to include NFTs and other blockchain-based technologies is met with opposition from the gaming community.