The extraordinary partnership between The Weeknd and Binance is offering a tantalizing array of delights that are sure to thrill fans all over the world! With unwavering dedication, they have upheld their promise and are now bringing the Metaverse Dimension to fruition.

Ever since its grand unveiling on June 16th, fans have been granted the remarkable opportunity to step into the much-anticipated dimension. This immersive realm is crafted to deliver yet another unparalleled experience for fans.

The Layout of the Metaverse 

Prepare to embark on an exploration of The Weeknd’s digital realm where four distinct areas eagerly await!

The Club gives users an opportunity to party and gather disco ball fragments. In The Club, you can get the chance to encounter the symphony of lights and music, unveiling the coveted magic diamond. 

In the Art Gallery, you can encounter a collection of tour visuals and promo videos. Each visual contains hidden magic diamonds begging to be discovered.

This metaverse is not only for entertainment; The Binance Space serves as an educational institution, doling out content on crypto and blockchain. Also, there is Secret Door wich sets users on a journey through portals leading to hidden wonders.

Upon successfully conquering the games and challenges, fans gain exclusive access to The Stage and VIP Lounge, domains within the metaverse. Serving as the ultimate destination, The Stage and VIP Lounge offers an unrivaled experience for all who venture forth.

Within this extraordinary realm, fans can indulge in concert footage and engage with an awe-inspiring, colossal 3D cyber mask. 

The Weeknd
The Weeknd

How To Get Started 

Firstly, you should go to and embark on a captivating sign up journey. Your adventure commences on the entrance page, where a brief introductory video sets the stage with the exciting Treasure Hunt Challenge. Next, you should customize your own avatar and outfit. 

The Treasure Hunt plunges users into a digital quest of locating hidden magic diamonds. As users navigate the intricate digital world, they must remain vigilant for the elusive magic diamonds concealed within interactive elements. Each diamond unveils a new layer of the Metaverse Dimension experience, earned by conquering actions or challenges in each room.

Final Words

Binance partnered with The Weeknd for his After Hours Till Dawn Global Tour. Within the partnership, they introduced two types of NFTs, and now we are encountering Metaverse Dimension that is an amazing Metaverse experience!

We know that The Weeknd made his fans very happy with this virtual initiative because he is working with a successful and popular partner, Binance. 

We hope that other celebrities see the potential of the Web3 space and support their art with Web3 technologies.