NFT Horizon is a multimedia platform, tasked with informing the world about NFTs through articles, information about NFT drops, and more! On the platform, we stay up-to-date on everything in the WAX blockchain community. We also have our NFT collection that can be seen on Atomic Hub. These NFTs are based on stories from Greek Mythology and combine to form a unique and inspiring story. 

After signing a partnership agreement with Splinterlands, we have more exciting news to announce in the blockchain gaming space. As you may know, ZenSports, a crypto-focused sports betting and esports tournament hosting platform, has also signed an agreement with Splinterlands, and hosts Splinterlands tournaments on their app every two weeks – donned the Gold Foil Prize Series!

We are happy to announce that NFT Horizon will co-sponsor the next tournament in ZenSports’ Gold Foil Prize Series! The tournament will be held on August 28th, at 1 PM EST – a time decided by members of the ZenSports Discord server. The winner of the Cerberus Cup will take home a slew of prizes – some of which will be designed by NFT Horizon ourselves!

Not only will the top 16 participants take home $1000+ in crypto on the ZenSports app, but the sole winner will also receive a gold foil Cerberus Splinterlands card, and a custom, one-of-one NFT Trophy designed by NFT Horizon!

We will also be giving away mega and small packs to the top 3 finishers, as well as to fans who tune into the broadcast of the event, both on ZenSports’ Twitch and Theta pages. 

To read all about the event and how to qualify, read the announcement blog post on ZenSports!

We hope this tournament sparks more opportunities within and awareness of the blockchain gaming community – we hope you are as excited as we are!