The Splinterlands team is working hard to produce the best lore and art that the team has ever done for the Chaos Legion expansion. The team really wants to build out this world and keep all possibilities open for how they can expand the game both laterally and horizontally for many years to come. The team’s Splintertalk platform is part of this vision and will help make Splinterlands a household name around the world.

During the Chaos Legion presale, the team has been minting more NFT Art than ever before, but it’s more than just the typical art NFTs. Each one of these collectible pieces also holds snippets of the story and lore that the team is building for the Chaos Legion launch. They are aiming for nothing short of making Chaos Legion or biggest, best, and deepest expansion to date.

The team is leveraging the power of the HIVE blockchain and its social roots to flesh out the Splintertalk community where the Splinterlands players can gather, share content, interact with and meet each other, and now buy limited edition collectible art NFTs. Soon the team will also begin empowering their most talented community artists to mint on the platform as well.

The presale event will be wrapping up in the next couple of weeks, and then, the team will be looking forward to the public release and pack sale. Hopefully, all of the community members see the value and are also taking advantage of the Splintertalk dApp that is accessible for free with their full Splinterlands account and adds an additional avenue to earn for sharing and creating Splinterlands related content!

Special Limited NFTs: