Mona Lisa’s immortal fame has touched the new ends of NFTs to remind us of its place in the world of art. Tomorrow, the 26th of February, is the day in which art crosses time yet again. ElmonX announced the news and its corresponding details on the 23rd of this month. 

Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting, is likely named after the rich Florentine woman Lisa Gherardini. 

ElmonX is the first to formally license Mona Lisa NFT as an exceptional piece of digital art in 3D and augmented reality, displaying its technical details, enigmatic smile, and ceaseless beauty.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

About ElmonX

Formerly known as Vtail, ElmonX is a digital and physical art collectible manufacturer and trader. The company’s earlier work included the production of artwork in collaboration with Patrick Hughes, one of the most influential artists. 

ElmonX uses decentralized blockchain-based systems that allow for outstanding security and traceability.

A mobile app will launch soon and mostly contain licensed products. The goal behind the app is to provide collectors with a better experience through animation, digital products, and various interactions.

The details of the Mona Lisa NFT collection

The Mona Lisa NFT collection consists of two distinct collectibles: the Mona Lisa Original Edition and the Mona Lisa Artist Proof Edition. 

The Mona Lisa Original Edition is a collection of 330 NFTs that unlocks a digital visualization of Mona Lisa. On the other hand, the Mona Lisa Artist Proof Edition will comprise ten copies. 

Owning the Artist Proof Edition unlocks a physical museum-quality copy privileged with astonishing pictorial depth and vibrant colors that reflect a perfect reproduction of detail.

Both the Original and Artist Proof editions will measure same as real Mona Lisa (77 x 53 cm).

Partnership with Bridgeman Images

With over 50 years of expertise, Bridgeman is the foremost expert in marketing art, cultural, and historical photographs and footage for reproduction. The company offers photos from the most esteemed institutions, collectors, and artists. 

ElmonX partnered with Bridgeman Images to attain proper licensing for Mona Lisa. The portrait will now be available in the NFT world with incredible details that are invisible to the naked eye.

Every artwork collector has probably dreamed of owning Mona Lisa someday and feeling its soft oily brush strokes. With the new technologies, more people may experience Leonardo Davinci’s brilliance. 

The portrait never ceases to impress with its magnificent Sfumato, a technique found by Leonardo da Vinci to create a soft and hazy effect by blending colors. 

Furthermore, the acute use of light and shadow adds to the painting’s realism and gives a sense of depth, making Mona Lisa seem almost alive.

Check the countdown for the NFT’s release!