As part of its plans to participate actively in the Web3 space, game publisher Ubisoft has launched the Rabbids NFT collection for the Ethereum-based game, The Sandbox. 

The launch, which took place on February 22, came a year after Ubisoft went public with its idea of integrating famous Rabbids characters with The Sandbox.

The Sandbox’s Rabbids-Themed NFT Collection

The NFT collection features 2,066 Rabbids avatars, and each is set at a price of 100 SAND. Since 2023 is the year of the rabbit, the Rabbids avatars are modeled after the Lunar New Year. 

The avatars’ designs were revealed yesterday, and fans are anticipating a Rabbids game world which will be released on February 28. 

Rabbids NFT Collection in The Sandbox

The Rabbids avatars have been tagged as keys that players will use to access future utilities in The Sandbox. This also includes access to potential drops in the future. 

Although The Sandbox had previously included Rabbids avatars in its NFT Institute months ago and released Rabbids NFTs and accessories, this is the first opportunity for players to purchase Rabbids as in-game characters.

Ubisoft’s History With Web3

The French gaming giant was one of the first in the industry to show interest in Web3 and dabble with NFTs. The Prince of Persia publisher developed an NFT game prototype named HashCraft in 2018. It was inspired by the popular game from Mojang Studios, Minecraft. However, Ubisoft eventually decided to not continue with the project. Nevertheless, the game studio ventured further into the crypto world.

Two years later, the company launched Rabbids Token, a crypto game that allows players to collect Rabbids and steal them from other players. Later, Ubisoft worked together with Sorare to develop the One Shot league, which was a Sorare spinoff that made use of its available Ethereum tokenized soccer player cards.

Rabbids Token by Ubisoft

In 2022, Ubisoft formed a partnership with Mythical Games and other big names in the gaming industry, such as Kakao Games and Animoca, to launch a Web3 gaming DAO. 

Earlier this year, the Assasin Creed publisher cancelled Project Q after much speculation about the game which would reportedly let players “truly own” a team battle experience. 

Despite the negative responses Ubisoft received from its players when it made its entrance into Web3, the gaming giant has bolstered its efforts to offer more developed Web3 and NFT products to its users.