Papa John’s is entering the metaverse with NFTs that resonate with foodies across the globe. It’s doing this with its top three pizzas launching as NFTs on OneRare’s foodverse. 

Joining forces with food and beverage metaverse OneRare, Papa Johns will bring these NFTs to life. The NFTs will be placed on offer alongside other collections for new visitors to access easily. 

These digital collectibles are based on the three most loved pizza varieties Papa John’s offers. They are Spicy Chicken Ranch Pizza, Super Papa’s Pizza, and Vegan Sheese Garden Special Pizza.

Papa John's releases NFTs.

Similar to Starbucks, Papa John’s also plans to create a blockchain-based loyalty program and reward customers with NFTs. By entering Web3, Papa John’s is providing an avenue for fans to connect with the brand on a whole new level. Collectors of the assets will share in the brand journey: get a feel of the brand’s history and enjoy some top culinary secrets. All of these are desired to create an immersive experience for their esteemed customers.

Excited about this achievement, Papa John’s CEO in the UAE, Tapan Vaidya, reaffirmed the brand’s commitment to “staying ahead of the curve” and diving into cutting-edge tech that will not only position the brand as an industry leader but will also attract Gen Zers and endear them to the brand. He stated that their collaboration with OneRare was “a step in that direction”.

Supreet Raju, the co-founder of OneRare, is equally over the moon about the announcement. He shared that the team is proud to help them (Papa John’s) pioneer a new frontier in the food industry.

The NFTs will be available via OneRare Kitchen with more details available soon.

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