Animoca Brands Japan, a strategic division of Animoca Brands, announced a collaboration with Square Enix, a renowned Japanese entertainment company. This collaboration focuses on the promotion and expansion of Square Enix’s NFT-based adventure game, SYMBIOGENESIS.

SYMBIOGENESIS features 10,000 unique NFT characters, offering players an immersive experience in a beautifully crafted fantasy world. These NFTs play a critical role in accessing and progressing through the game‘s intricate story and challenges.

The partnership will leverage Animoca Brands Japan’s extensive expertise and global network within the Web3 ecosystem. The main aim is enhancing the marketing and distribution of SYMBIOGENESIS across different regions. This initiative includes deploying strategic marketing efforts and fostering collaborations with other projects and companies within Animoca’s broad portfolio of over 400 entities.

Furthermore, SYMBIOGENESIS will be prominently featured on Animoca Brands Japan’s forthcoming NFT platform, supporting Ethereum and Polygon. This platform will be launched in the upcoming summer, providing a new avenue for players worldwide to engage with the game’s NFTs.

By combining their expertise, Square Enix and Animoca Brands will make the Web3 gaming experience more accessible to a global audience. Also, the companies will demonstrate the potential for blockchain technology to transform the gaming industry. This collaboration will broaden the appeal of NFTs and blockchain technology within the mainstream gaming community.