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Doctor Who

Longest running science fiction TV series of all time, Doctor Who, is making a grand entry into the metaverse. The Doctor Who logo and brand have recently been the subject of a trademark application. The application filed by the BBC at the United States Patent and Trademark Office promises fans (whovians) a slice of the show’s history.

The broadcasting giant is exploring the usage of blockchain technology to create virtual reality software and hardware, NFTs, video games, and wearables. Whovians are on cloud 9 with the BBC’s foray into the blockchain and NFT sphere. However, at the filing of this report, the BBC is yet to make any comment regarding the Web3 prospect.

This is not Doctor Who’s first venture into a metaverse. In 2020, the British series participated at the New York Comic Con X MCM Comic Con Metaverse. The Comic Con Metaverse was the first of its kind due to COVID-19 restrictions and featured 3 panels from Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who franchise has been busy as it recently promoted David Tennant’s comeback as the eponymous Time Lord. The BBC is also releasing additional tangents to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the cult classic which is November. In a recent teaser, the new villain played by Neil Patrick Harris was unveiled.

Final Words

The evolution of technology has affected every industry, and the film industry is not an exception. Web3’s impact in the film industry can make films have more depth in terms of interaction, narrative, and subject. 

Earlier this year, the Sundance Film Festival adopted a hybrid model. This gave people the choice to be a part of the festival from the comfort of their couches. The Cannes Festival is not left out as it made modifications to its upcoming edition to feature the newly launched MetaCannes Film3. These are all commendable developments. 

We look forward to seeing other ways blockchain can enhance film and other theater experiences.