Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is embarking on a time-limited movie marketing campaign using NFTs, initially focusing on the 1978 film “Superman: The Movie”.

This endeavour is crucial because Warner Bros. plans to revolutionize home entertainment. This idea stems from the ongoing decline in physical disc sales.

DC Comics aims to drive interest among NFT enthusiasts and fans by unveiling the Superman Web3 Movie Experience NFT collection. This bundle offers a 4K Ultra HD version of the iconic film. 

It also comes with supplementary content, like image galleries and artistic interpretations created by renowned illustrators. The primary goal is to generate revenue from initial sales and cultivate a dedicated fan community for potential future advantages.

People can choose from two editions of Superman Web3 Movie Experience. The first edition is the Standard Edition which costs $30. It includes an interactive location-based navigation menu, the film’s theatrical version, special features released previously, and an image gallery. 

On the other hand, the Premium Edition is priced at $100 and offers three purchasable variations: Truth, Justice, and Hope. Each of these variations features a unique illustration of Christopher Reeve’s Superman by one of three DC artists: Ivan Reiss, Ben Oliver, or Bill Sienkiewicz. Additionally, the Premium Edition includes an interactive location-based navigation menu, three versions of the film, and extensive image galleries.

On June 8, the Superman Web3 Movie Experience becomes available for purchase. The Standard and Premium bundles generate heightened interest due to a limited offering period. 

Customers can secure their bundles by creating an Eluvio NFT media wallet. It serves as a digital repository for the movie’s content and completes the purchase using a credit card or cryptocurrency. 

DC and Lord of the Rings NFT holders will have exclusive early access to the Superman Web3 Movie Experience at different times.

Warner Bros. Still Has Its Focus On NFTs

Warner Bros. introduces the second instalment in the “WB Movieverse” series. Its Superman NFT bundle follows 2022’s successful NFT movie bundle, “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring“. 

Buyers will receive a complimentary voucher code for the DC NFT Marketplace’s DC3 Super Power Pack: Series Superman. These packs include three randomly selected Superman comics, ranging from “Common” to “Legendary” rarities. 

Warner Bros. has exciting plans to introduce new themed packages and Web3 initiatives. These offer fans fresh opportunities to explore and collect captivating DC NFTs.

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